I am so glad the day finally came… You know, the whole DTV switch day. I was really counting down the days; I couldn’t wait to lose the little black box for good!

We were one of those being warned… those who had a tv with an antenna, not cable or satellite. I did apply for the converter box coupon (twice!), but it never came. It’s probably for the best.

Now that we’ve lost the few channels we had, boy have we had a productive day! The kids knew not to even ask to watch cartoons first thing in the morning, and I was busy cleaning when normally I’d be sitting on the couch vegging out to Dr. Phil (and maybe Oprah, depending on the show). Instead of sitting on our tushies for hours, we’ve been busy little bees!

Tonight I’ll gladly be redecorating our living room, removing the old unsightly television from the decor and hiding it in an armoir in our bedroom. We’ll still keep it around, in case we all want to pile on the bed and watch a good movie together, but it will be nice not to have it as an all day distraction.

I refuse to spend a bunch of money on a converter box that the government just decided I’d have to have if I wanted to watch the local news. We have the internet… that’s all I need if I want to keep an eye on the weather.

So, no more tv for us. It’s been peaceful and quiet here today. I think this will be a beneficial change in our home.

What about you? Did you make the switch or did you ditch? Have you already been without television in your home for a while? I’d love to hear your thoughts!