The Snowy Screen Means No More Couch Potatoes

I am so glad the day finally came… You know, the whole DTV switch day. I was really counting down the days; I couldn’t wait to lose the little black box for good!

We were one of those being warned… those who had a tv with an antenna, not cable or satellite. I did apply for the converter box coupon (twice!), but it never came. It’s probably for the best.

Now that we’ve lost the few channels we had, boy have we had a productive day! The kids knew not to even ask to watch cartoons first thing in the morning, and I was busy cleaning when normally I’d be sitting on the couch vegging out to Dr. Phil (and maybe Oprah, depending on the show). Instead of sitting on our tushies for hours, we’ve been busy little bees!

Tonight I’ll gladly be redecorating our living room, removing the old unsightly television from the decor and hiding it in an armoir in our bedroom. We’ll still keep it around, in case we all want to pile on the bed and watch a good movie together, but it will be nice not to have it as an all day distraction.

I refuse to spend a bunch of money on a converter box that the government just decided I’d have to have if I wanted to watch the local news. We have the internet… that’s all I need if I want to keep an eye on the weather.

So, no more tv for us. It’s been peaceful and quiet here today. I think this will be a beneficial change in our home.

What about you? Did you make the switch or did you ditch? Have you already been without television in your home for a while? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. The hd antennas, you can buy more than one to triangle them, and get more channels. I stopped buying cable years ago, and when the government forced the hd change over I went out and got new antennas. The good ones that can be put outside cost more usually about $50. But I have been paid back a million times by not having a cable bill, the cable and internet companies get greedier by the year it seems like.

  2. we recently did this…only not as much. We moved into our house and I flipped when I found out how much it cost to have cable hooked up. So I went to Walmart and got a little antenna. Its now sitting outside the window by the TV and we get 4 channels. (5 if you count the fuzzy #43) Its been great. No high cable bill to worry about. We can still watch the news but the kids dont veg out to watch cartoons anymore they go outside to play. And I actually do some chores! We still have the TV in the livingroom cause DH loves to play on his XBOX when he is home but he doesnt do that as much as he used to either.

  3. Yeah we did this last year and put the tv in the basement. We brought it back up agian but decided we really have better things to do with our time, plus with all of the bad and unchristian things on tv , I don’t want my kids to watch we are better off! 🙂

  4. I have no clue why we have cable t.v. We can only watch it a few times a week anyway. My 11 year old daughter does have the cartoons on but when I go in her room I don’t really see her watching it. So go figure. I guess I have it for football season as I have to watch my team and can’t stand a fuzzy picture. I do after all have a 52 inch t.v. and having a converter box sitting on top of it would just look silly.

  5. I too wish that we did not have the tv (and the internet for that matter). While I love being able to visit sites like this, my husband and son spend WAY too much time on the computer – I hate it and I am willing to live without (I live without at home as it is – I am writing from work now 😉 ). After the digital switch, I lost the TV in my room so this weekend I took it off of my dresser, cleaned and dusted my dresser – it looks BEAUTIFUL! SO, one down, one to go!

  6. If I had my way we wouldn’t even own a television!!! My husband is the one who insists on having cable. Next year this stupid trailer will be paid off and we will buy a site built house. I wonder how long I can forget to call the cable company? Maybe he will do something besides plunk his butt down in front of the tv all weekend.

  7. 3 years without….
    What a difference in family communication. My husband and I have such a better relationship now. When I see TV at someone else’s house now I am shocked at the commercials. Soft Porn! Good luck with your transition but it was hard at first.

  8. We haven’t had a tv since my husband and I got married 4 years ago. I LOVE it! Of course we do have the computer (comes with being married to a computer tech:)) so we still watch the occasional movie. But on the whole, I don’t miss having a tv and we were without computer for a while too and that was pretty nice. I secretly want to get rid of this computer too, but I don’t think that will happen. That’s ok though, sometimes it is nice to just veg out in front of a movie and not have to think for a bit:)

  9. We canceled cable over a year ago, with some occasional regrets, on my part, but there is so much ‘bad stuff’ on TV that I feel much better without it. I can get news on the internet; I never liked ‘daytime’ TV; I despise most reality shows and I don’t miss prime time TV now that my favorite comedies (Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier) have long since ended. The violence and crime in the prime time dramas gets me down emotionally so I don’t miss those, either.

    When I visit my parents and watch TV I tend to have a negative reaction. Last Christmas Law and Order SVU actually ended up giving me nightmares. I feel better spiritually and emotionally when I limit TV viewing. I also find limiting our viewing keeps my daughter more creative and active, though I do let her watch some DVDs as well as clean/healthy/educational shows on the internet or borrowed from the library.

    I, too applaud you for making the decision that you have.

  10. My family hasn’t had cable or satellite for 5 years now, and good riddance to those high bills, but we couldn’t do w/o a tv altogethor. We were actually in need of a new set and it came with a built-in convertor box. DTV is actually really nice though. The channels are so clear that it looks like your watching a cable channel.

  11. We have a newer TV that is already digital. I would have been quite happy to NOT make the switch, but DH wasn’t giving up the TV.

    My rule is that the TV is not turned on until 7 PM. We almost always go all day without the TV, although my little guy watches his Baby Signing Time video (25 minutes) a few times a week. Daddy turns on the TV at 7 PM, but the little guy is in the bathtub by 7:30 and in bed by 8 PM…so he’s really not seeing much TV.

    I’d gladly just throw our TV out the window without any regret…although your plan of hiding it in an armoire is probably much more practical 😉

  12. we already had cable t.v. so we didnt have to do anything. we like t.v., mostly cable chanells, but I like to watch the local news.

  13. I have been wanting to do this for awhile. My husband is so easy to convince. The kids are for it. We just find so many other things to do when we are not watching tv. I applaud you for taking that step.

  14. Yep, made the switch but that is my reward is a good 1 hour of CSI and the news. We go and go and go and we don’t have cable so I applied, received and used the coupons for two DTV converter boxes.

  15. My husband’s tv is already digital. I got a converter box for mine. We just aren’t brave enough to do with no tv. I didn’t get one for my son’s tv, so he can only play games or watch movies on his.

  16. We made the switch, but hardly watch regular tv… we don’t have cable or satellite, either. We pretty much only watch dvd’s from the library…. we spend most of our time actively participating in LIFE rather than tuning out to each other…
    Cudos to you for not even keeping the tv out!!!

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