No Eggs For Breakfast… What To Make?

We’ve been pretty much stuck to eating from our food storage for the past week and a half or so. Jerry has only worked a few days in the past couple of weeks, and money is surely very tight. As in, every dime goes to bills and gas for the van.

Our hens aren’t laying right now, but we’ve been blessed to get eggs from Jerry’s parents when they have an abundance.

This morning, however, we had no eggs. What in the world do you make for breakfast with no eggs? Pancakes? Nope. Waffles? Nope. French toast?? I was out of ideas. I guess I could have made biscuits and jelly, but that wouldn’t have been very filling.

Keep in mind, I’m working from food storage stuff people. We’re also out of fresh fruit, butter, yogurt, cheese… any kind of dairy, really, other than whole milk.

Hey, what about making oatmeal?! Perfect.

So, I made a batch of peach oatmeal using some canned peaches we have. Everyone gobbled it down (though I wanna tweak the recipe a little next time), and I was satisfied to have fed the family.

I’ve been searching the web for more eggless recipes. I think tomorrow I’ll try eggless pancakes.

I’m wondering though, what else can I make for breakfast using the basics I have on hand from food storage? Any other ideas??

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  1. Have you tried eating cracked wheat or farina for breakfast? With your wheat storage and grinder, these are completely doable. I love the flavor of cracked wheat with a little milk, but you can flavor it in all sorts of ways to make your kids happy. It really is a quick and filling breakfast.

  2. Homemade tortillas with peanut butter or cream cheese. Grits with cheese. Toasted/grilled cheese sandwiches. Bacon sandwiches. Baked beans and toast.

  3. Another option for recipes is google! Sometimes I type my available ingredients in and add the word recipe and hit the search button. It will come up with some recipes that include your ingredients. You can also google ‘xxx substitute’ (with xxx meaning your missing item, like eggs).

  4. Kendra,
    I leave eggs out of all sorts of things (pancakes, muffins, quick breads) and have had good success…I read somewhere once someone said you can bake most everything except delicate cakes without eggs.

    Try the baked amish oatmeal recipe on recipezarr…I add applesauce or pumpkin puree instead of oil and lots of cinnamon. My girls eat it topped with yogurt or unsweetened applesauce for a healthy, inexpensive, stick to your ribs breakfast!

    My best to you and your family during this financially trying time. Thank God you’ve been working on food storage to get you through tough times.


    PS Thanks for the egg freezing tip!

  5. i have never heard of eggless pancakes! i will be trying them! we have also had times like this and i am praying that the Lord will provide your every need, temporal and spiritual!

  6. You should try some vegan books. In one of mine, Ripe from around here, there are several recipes of pancakes and breakfast item without eggs or dairy!

    I cook my oatmeal in soy milk… and I find it delicious!

  7. Bear mush is great. Just grind your wheat and cook in water – basically it’s homemade cream of wheat. Add some cinnamon and sweetener, and viola! A yummy cereal. We usually add milk, but if you have canned peaches, you could simply cut some of them up and use the juice to both sweeten and as a sub for milk.

    Also, you can use leftover bear mush in baking up some yummy muffins. Just use a basic muffin recipe and add the extra bear mush w/ fruit.

    Peach crisp, apple sauce coffee cake, homemade bread w/ nut butters and jelly or thinly sliced fruits, etc. all make very tasty breakfasts. Just use your egg subs (ground flax seed w/ water or the cornstarch & water) and use the juice from the canned fruit in place of milk. It will taste a bit different here or there, but not bad, just a new twist. 🙂

  8. I have made pancakes without eggs several times in a pinch. I just add a little extra milk…(and for milk, we do all our baking and cooking with powered milk)

    What do you do with your left over peach juice when you empty a can of peaches? I like to freeze mine in ice cube trays, and pop it into the ice tea when I make a glass, or even into hot tea.

    I also recycle leftover fruit juices to use when I make jello or for popcycles.

  9. Eggs can be frozen, you don’t even need to scramble them. You can freeze them individually muffin tins or ice trays. Lehmans has some kind of solution you can store them in on the shelf that is supposed to keep them preserved for winter. Always looked like an interesting experiment to me….but I don’t know anyone who has actually done it. (Might be we decided the cost wasn’t worth it compared to buying eggs if you ran out.)

    To keep your chickens laying, a solar powered light on a four hour timer to extend their day like summer should work if you don’t let them stop laying first. Also making sure they are well fed and watered of course, if you go lean because funds are low, they tend to stop laying.

    But if you want to stick to food storage items, I would definitely add some powdered eggs to the list and/or “just add water” pancake mix. Those big bags from Sams or Costco are less expensive than most food storage company mixes and light and fluffy. One big bag lasts us a long time. There are many egg substitutes. You might want to do a web search on ingredient substitutions and keep a list for emergencies. I always weigh the cost though to make sure the substitute doesn’t cost more than what it is replacing.
    Homemade sweetened condensed milk was always a favorite of mine.

    I can’t recall, have you looked into keeping bees? Classes started for this spring last week in our state. This year is an expensive year to start, as there is a bee shortage. But it is pretty easy and once you take the class, you can go year after year for free to get updates. The current focus is on making it more sustainable- meaning splitting your own hives to make more rather than buying them from elsewhere.

    Pizza for breakfast is always an option…”Even bad pizza it pretty good” is my husband’s favorite quote.


  10. How about making bagels??? I’ve never tried it, but now could be the time for you.

    Lately we’ve been having smoothies, in spite of the snow. If you can add peanut butter or something to them it will add some bulk. We love them like that. It’s like peanut butter and jelly in a cup! Yum!

    As far as peanut butter goes (or “sunny” butter as we use sunflower butter for the kids), sometimes we do toast with peanut/”sunny” butter spread on it.

    Hope this helps!… what a great opportunity to test out your food storage. Keep a list of the things you wish you had and the next time you are in a season of plenty, you can make sure they get added. 🙂

    For instance… I’m guessing eggs can be frozen (you know, cracked open and scrambled). If you go through a season of tons of eggs this summer, tuck some in the freezer in breakfast sized packs. At least try it out. May come in handy next winter. 🙂


  11. How about muffins? You can pretty much make them anything you want. Bacon and cheese or fruit in them. How about peanut butter muffins with a glob of jelly in the middle, kids would surely like that! You can make unlimited varieties and do not need eggs. It is an idea that the kids can help come up with some different types they may want to try.

  12. We sometimes make fruit soup with dumplings. Often we use my home canned plum puree and heat to boiling then drop in your dumplings. My girls like it. We also do fried apples served with biscuits or alone. Oatmeal and granola are great options, as is sweet rice. That’s what my youngest calls it. Cook rice till done then add suar, milk , vanilla, and/or raisins. very nice on a cold morning to fill bellys.

  13. Granola is all I can come up with.
    Cinnamon-sugar toast with sausages or fruit or whatever you’ve got on the side. If you have margarine, you can kinda sub that in for some things like to put on toast and such. I’d probably be making a bunch of fresh bread since that can be a meal in itself when it’s warm and lovely. 🙂

    I came across a great knockoff nutrigrain bar recipe over at OAMM, but it calls for butter (with some flour, sugar, oats, vanilla, maybe something else, and jam of course). So, so yummy. Next time you have some extra funds on hand, take a look at the dried eggs/milk/cheese to have on hand for later – it’s a strange learning curve though, I have to say. The cheese takes some getting used to.

  14. My husband likes fried eggs in between his pancakes. One day I had only one or two eggs so I looked up an eggless pancake recipe and have been using it ever since. No one knows they don’t have eggs and I think my husband likes them better than my old recipe! Last week I tried an eggless waffle recipe and it was really good with my grandma’s recipe for homemade syrup. YUM! I think we’ll have waffles tomorrow.:)

  15. This isn’t a breakfast food, but as a treat you could make Crazy Cake. It was popular during the Depression, and I got a recipe from my aunt, but I’m sure you could find one easily online. It doesn’t contain eggs or milk, and you don’t even need to frost it–just sprinkle powdered sugar on top! The ingredients are a bit weird, but the cake itself is very moist!

  16. What about biscuits and gravy? You could make sausage gravy if you had sausage. My grandmother would make it with the sausage fat and add a tablespoon of flour at a time letting the flour turn brown before adding another, she would add butter if she had it but it’s not necessary, then add milk to make it creamy. We called it “red eye” gravy but I think that’s a Southern term. Or you could make it with just chicken broth, milk and flour. At least it would spice up the breakfast table a bit! Sometimes I take an apple and bake oatmeal with cinnamon, nutmeg and some sugar. You could use apple butter or some type of jelly instead of sugar if you don’t have that. What about grits? You don’t necessarily need butter just salt and a little milk, or you could make a cheesy grits bake with butter (which I think you don’t have right now) cheese, milk, salt and pepper. I hope this helps! LOVE your blog (I just found it last week) my chickens aren’t laying either (some too young, some molting) but I’m hoping to get a few more and maybe add ducks to our homestead as we are blessed with a pond! Thanks Kendra!!

  17. Another egg substitute is water & corn starch, not sure if you have corn starch on hand, but it adds a similar sort of stickiness as eggs. I think its 1 tbsp & 1/4 c water = 1 egg, but I could be a bit off. When I was a teenager I didn’t eat eggs, so used to always substitute corn starch in when making cookies. I suspect it would work similarly for waffles or pancakes 🙂

  18. Going along with the oatmeal, you could make granola or one of those oatmeal breakfast bakes.
    To substitute eggs, you can use flax seed and water (but I dont know if that is something you have on hand) in baking items.

    I don’t know if I comment often, but I love your blog! I’ve learned a lot 🙂

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