We’ve been pretty much stuck to eating from our food storage for the past week and a half or so. Jerry has only worked a few days in the past couple of weeks, and money is surely very tight. As in, every dime goes to bills and gas for the van.

Our hens aren’t laying right now, but we’ve been blessed to get eggs from Jerry’s parents when they have an abundance.

This morning, however, we had no eggs. What in the world do you make for breakfast with no eggs? Pancakes? Nope. Waffles? Nope. French toast?? I was out of ideas. I guess I could have made biscuits and jelly, but that wouldn’t have been very filling.

Keep in mind, I’m working from food storage stuff people. We’re also out of fresh fruit, butter, yogurt, cheese… any kind of dairy, really, other than whole milk.

Hey, what about making oatmeal?! Perfect.

So, I made a batch of peach oatmeal using some canned peaches we have. Everyone gobbled it down (though I wanna tweak the recipe a little next time), and I was satisfied to have fed the family.

I’ve been searching the web for more eggless recipes. I think tomorrow I’ll try eggless pancakes.

I’m wondering though, what else can I make for breakfast using the basics I have on hand from food storage? Any other ideas??