Our New Metal Roof! Before and After.

As promised, I’m excited to share quick before and after photos of our home with a new metal roof (see above).

For those who don’t already know. we live in an off-frame modular home. It looks like a double wide from the front, but the framing is more like a stick built home. This is the back side view of our home.

We’ve lived here eight years now. I think the home was 8-10 years old when we purchased it as a foreclosure and moved it to our property.

They use such cheap building materials in manufactured homes. The roof was less than 20 years old, but it was close to time to buy a new one.

If you missed the story of the roof leak and how our insurance ended up covering the cost of replacing the entire roof, you can read that story HERE. Such a blessing to us!!

Anyways, here’s the after shot. Doesn’t it look so much cleaner?! Notice some of the rusty old vents we were able to remove altogether.

We went with a dark Charcoal Gray, but it looks more silver-ish in the sunlight.

A long time and dear friend to us does roofing for a living. We were able to work out a deal with him so that we saved on some of the labor by my husband helping out with the installation.

It was hard, HOT work, and took several days to complete. But in the end I think it turned out amazing.

The best part… we didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. I’m still in awe of how that worked out.

We even have a few extra panels to spare! We’ll use them on a chicken coop, or a garden shed, or some other project eventually.

We won’t be reinstalling the solar panels on the roof. I’m afraid of damaging the metal. Instead we’ll build a stand for them on the south side of the house closer to ground level. They’ll still get the same amount of sunlight exposure, so it shouldn’t affect the power we generate.

Next we’ll be installing a new rain barrel for water catchment. (Our old one is getting pretty yucky.) We’ll use the water we harvest off the roof for watering the garden and washing stuff. I don’t think it would be safe for drinking water unless it was filtered since birds poop on the roof and other contaminants could get in, so it will be considered nonpotable water.

Anyways, I’m super, super happy with our new metal roof! If you’re considering making the upgrade, I definitely think it’s worth the investment.

Let me know your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “Our New Metal Roof! Before and After.”

    • You know, it’s surprisingly quiet when it rains. Probably because the metal is over a shingle roof and there’s lots of insulation to keep the noise down.

  1. It looks fantastic! We were going to get a metal roof on our trailer, but the guy who was supposed to do it never ordered it and so we just kind of let it go:/ It would be wonderful though because my poor husband has to spend so much time up there every winter shoveling it off. We get a LOT of snow…but at this point we are probably looking at a new house hopefully in the near future (God willing) so not sure it makes sense anymore. I think metal is absolutely the way to go…and I absolutely LOVE the sound of rain on a metal roof:) Congratulations on your beautiful new roof!

  2. I would love to have a metal roof one day. My grandmother had one and I loved listening to the rain. 🙂 We have pebble right now and the only way that would change is if we were to raise the roof. Which probably should be done but no $ to do so right now. IF we were to ever do that we could replace all the air ducts too. This house is 60 years old and needs some updates, but not really sure of the future of this place. Family issues.

  3. We got our metal roof about 8 years ago. I love it. We don’t have heat on our second floor and the roof below the windows radiates heat that keeps us warm. Nothing beats the sound of rain on the roof. Never have to shovel the snow off the roof again. Good luck and enjoy.

  4. I’ve always thought a metal roof was the way to go! We have had wood shingles ( expensive and dangerous around fires, lightning, fireworks, etc.), composition, don’t like at all, tiles, no, never again. All this on different houses. Metal roof on the barn seemed the most realistic and long lasting. I have heard some people complain about hail noise but really, how often does it really hail, lol! Good choice and it looks wonderful!

    • Hi Debbi,

      Since we put metal right over the shingle roof we won’t hear any noise from the metal when it storms. It’s really only loud when you don’t have an insulating barrier between the roof and the metal. 🙂


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