Neighbor’s Dog Drama *UPDATE*

If you missed the first half of this story, go back here to see what happened, and then come back to read the update.

Over the weekend, we were enjoying dinner at a neighbor’s house, when all of a sudden she remembered something she had to show me. She pulled out her phone and was very excited when she exclaimed, “I saw those dogs!!” She pulled up a photo of the very dogs that had been on our property a week or so ago.

You remember. The chicken slayers.

She had been on her way home when she spotted them. Yep. That was them alright. The yellow lab, the black lab with a red collar, and another mixed breed I hadn’t seen before. She stopped her car and took a picture of them for me. Then she did the best thing ever. She drove to the house of the man who I’d called to tell him his dogs had killed my chickens, and she looked in their dog lot.

And you’ll never guess. His yellow lab and his black lab were securely penned up in their lot.

It wasn’t his dogs after all! My friend consoled, “It was an easy mistake to make. They look exactly alike!”

Whadyaknow. There was another pair of labs that looked exactly like his running around our parts.

I was actually very grateful to find out they weren’t his dogs. He had been adamant that it couldn’t have been them, and I’d wanted so badly to believe him. And more than anything, I really wanted to be on good terms with him and his wife. You know how important I think relationships are.

The next day, I loaded our four kids into the car and headed to the man’s house. I hoped he’d be home so that I could apologize to his face. After knocking on his door, and waiting for a couple of minutes, I was just about to turn around and get back in my car when the door opened.

I looked at the man who was now standing in front of me, and asked, “Are you Mr. So-and-So?”

“Yes.” He answered.

I smiled. “I’m Kendra. I’m the one who called you about your dogs the other day.”

He nodded. So I went on, “I owe you my humblest apologies. And a jar of homemade jelly.” I cheerfully held out a pint of muscadine jelly I’d canned this past Fall. I continued to tell him how my friend had spotted the dogs not too far from his house, and how she had driven by his place to see if his dogs were there, and they were. I told him I was sorry for wrongly accusing his dogs.

He smiled and said, “Aw, it’s okay. You didn’t know.” I asked him if his wife was there so I could speak to her, but she was at work. I asked him if he would give her my apologies as well. He was very nice about it all. Which was great.

I felt good as I walked back to my car with the relationship restored. And I was really glad that I hadn’t been rude or demanding when we’d spoken on the phone, and that I hadn’t called Animal Control on him.

Maybe one day I’ll have an opportunity to really get to know him and his wife a little better. At least now, if we run into them again, there won’t be any hard feelings or awkwardness.

It’s good to make things right.


8 thoughts on “Neighbor’s Dog Drama *UPDATE*”

  1. I followed a dog that had chased my hens and frightened them out of the yard. That stupid dog meandered all over and I lost him since he was cutting through fences and I was in the car. I live in a subdivision that does not allow dogs off the leash, yet this one is let loose most days around 4 pm, just when the animal control guy gets off work!

  2. What a a nice story and such a humble thing to do. Praise God!! It is not easy some times admitting you are wrong, or having to face someone while doing so. Great story! I hope that those other dogs will stay away from your chickens. 🙂

  3. Now, to solve the mystery of whose dogs they REALLY are… Maybe next time your friend sees them, she’ll follow them around for a bit (I know someone that would follow them around with a dart gun, LOL) and find out where they really belong. You know, when I was a kid, we had several dogs, and there was one that would always go chase the neighbor’s cattle. One day, that little doggie didn’t come home (and that farmer was a good aim), and we really couldn’t get mad about it, because she was trespassing. She didn’t even cause any deaths, like your neighborhood ruffians did!

    I’ll bet you’re so glad to have mended that fence, tho! So, can we get into a misunderstanding so I can get a jar of your jelly? sounds delish!

  4. It is always a happy day when one avoids putting their foot in their mouth. Turning the other cheek creates opportunities to grow in character. Wisdom is a precious commodity in our world today. Be happy and let this be a lesson to all of us.

  5. YAY! How wonderful that his dogs are now proven innocent – and that your friend had the foresight to get pictures of the dogs out AND check on his dogs. I’m willing to bet he and his wife will be really keeping an eye out to find out who does own those dogs that are running loose. Maybe originally to prove their dogs’ innocence, but now to genuinely help you.

    Who knows – maybe those other dogs will bring you and your neighbors very close through this. 🙂 Good for you for keeping your calm and for making things right on your end as well.


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