Natural Treatment For Poison Ivy Rash

poison ivy rash
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I don’t know how I got it… maybe from petting the goats, but I have broken out with a terribly itchy poison ivy (or poison oak) rash, and it was driving me nuts!

I didn’t want to use Cortisone or other steroid creams to treat the itching. So, I found a natural product that works wonders for the irritation: Tea Tree Oil!

I’ve been applying it with a cotton ball several times/day, and it has been a tremendous help! After just one day the rash is looking much much better, and the itching is relieved for several hours.

My friend Mrs. Addy also swears by Plantain. It grows in her yard like weeds, so she uses it for lots of things. For poison ivy, she makes a tea to drink from the Plantain leaves, and she also rubs a fresh leaf directly on the rash.


Well, the Tea Tree Oil was working well for me, but I ran out of it. I decided to try another remedy I’d heard of… a banana peel. So at breakfast I ate a banana, then wrapped the peel around the rash for just a little while. It did relieve the itching, and for the rest of the day it didn’t bother me anymore. The next day the rash was all dried up, and it hasn’t bothered me since! Next time, I’ll go straight to the banana peel and see if it works that quickly again.

Do you have a favorite natural treatment for Poison Ivy?? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Jewelweed is a fantastic remedy for poison ivy. Here in Northern Ontario it grows like crazy in our backyard and side of the roads. The liquid inside the plant is one of the only natural remedies to combat the poison ivy oils. A great homeopathic to try is Rus Tox. Feel better!

  2. Hi!

    I had poison ivy for the first time this summer.
    We moved into a rental house, and the landlords had just filled in an overgrown swampy pond in the back yard…so, my hubby and I have been trying to help them out by cutting down trees and cleaning the back yard up some (besides, we look forward to using the wood for fires!)
    Anyway. I spent an afternoon pulling down all the huge vines out of the trees to make a couple wreaths! I was so excited about them!

    The next day…AWFUL rash!

    Evidently the vines I was pulling down was all poison ivy! Duh!
    I had no idea that it could grow so big…I always thought that is grew on the ground, like a ground cover. Boy, I was wrong, and I learned a valuable lesson!

    I tried vinegar and baking soda…but never found anything on banana peels…wish I would have.
    I ended up having it so bad that I had to go to Urgent Care for steroids and antibiotics…it was starting to get infected.
    But, that cleared it up right away….and ended up costing us a bundle…but, sometimes it’s worth it!

    Anyway. The reason I wanted to leave a comment…….
    Since that experience, I’ve been very cautious around the ivy in our back yard, but those trees and vines still need to be cut down and taken care of…so, we wear long sleeves and cover our entire body with clothing, and strip down and head right to the shower when we’re done.
    We started noticing that our clothing had black streaks all over it after it was washed. I thought hubby had left a marker or something greesy in his pants…but, you know…it was the poison ivy oils.
    They will leave marks on your clothing.
    I had no idea.
    And, the only way to get that oil out of your clothing is with Felths Naptha! Other wise it can stay active for a long time in your clothing!
    well, I’ve been making my own laundry soap for about three years now, and one key ingredient (as I see it is in your recipe too) is Felths Naptha! YAY!!! I was so excited to read that!
    I have been washing out clothing right away after working outside, and have no worries about the oils staying in our clothing.

    Okay, this comment is long enough!
    Thank you for a wonderful resource, I love your blog!

    Michigan girl, living in Ohio.

    • Hannah,

      Boy, those would have made some itchy wreaths! Just a warning (in case you don’t know), DO NOT burn poison ivy vines! If you are using the cut wood for burning, please make sure there is no poison ivy on it first. The toxins can get into the smoke, and if you inhale that you’ll be in a world of trouble! Thanks for sharing your experience with us though 🙂

  3. Try a homeopathic product called Oral Ivy by Boericke & Tafel. It WORKS!

    For more info and to order:
    But you can usually find it at half price or less on other discount vitamin / drug store websites.

    Hope this helps!

  4. This is the second time this week a blog I read has mentioned this plant – and recently my nephew was wasp stung and Kendra had poison ivy.

    One thing we do for bites and stings is spray them with apple cider vinegar and put baking soda in the bath water. Seems to help. Raw vinegar with the mother still in it works better than the store bought kind that has been refined. When my kefir bugs sit to long, we mix the vinegar with the kefir whey for an extra boost of healing power.

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