I don’t know how I got it… maybe from petting the goats, but I have broken out with a terribly itchy poison ivy (or poison oak) rash, and it was driving me nuts!

I didn’t want to use Cortisone or other steroid creams to treat the itching. So, I found a natural product that works wonders for the irritation: Tea Tree Oil!

I’ve been applying it with a cotton ball several times/day, and it has been a tremendous help! After just one day the rash is looking much much better, and the itching is relieved for several hours.

My friend Mrs. Addy also swears by Plantain. It grows in her yard like weeds, so she uses it for lots of things. For poison ivy, she makes a tea to drink from the Plantain leaves, and she also rubs a fresh leaf directly on the rash.


Well, the Tea Tree Oil was working well for me, but I ran out of it. I decided to try another remedy I’d heard of… a banana peel. So at breakfast I ate a banana, then wrapped the peel around the rash for just a little while. It did relieve the itching, and for the rest of the day it didn’t bother me anymore. The next day the rash was all dried up, and it hasn’t bothered me since! Next time, I’ll go straight to the banana peel and see if it works that quickly again.

Do you have a favorite natural treatment for Poison Ivy?? I’d love to hear it!