Natural Remedies For Motion Sickness

3 Natural Remedies For Motion Sickness

This is Xia. My girly girl.

Since toddlerhood she has struggled with carsickness. Every time we go anywhere in the car, you can expect to hear her complain, “My belly hurts.” It doesn’t matter how far or short the distance. Before she could talk she would just whimper for a minute, and then puke everywhere. At least now we have some warning.

I never go anywhere without a throw-up cup and a change of clothes. Just in case. But you know what? We haven’t had to use them in a very long time. Since discovering the secret to keeping her belly calm during car rides, Xia hasn’t thrown up in over a year! She still gets nauseous, but now we know what to do to settle her tummy quickly.

Here are the three things I do to keep my child from getting carsick…

3 Natural Remedies For Motion Sickness

1. Accupressure Wrist Bands. I couldn’t live without them during the morning sickness stages of my pregnancies. I have the plastic and the cloth bands, but prefer the cloth for Xia since they’re soft and they fit her well.

The plastic knob goes over the pressure point in the center of your wrist. I tell Xia to “push the buttons” to help keep her from getting sick.

3 Natural Remedies For Motion Sickness

2. Essential Oils. Here’s another reason I use the cloth wrist bands over the plastic kinds. I like to put a couple of drops of Peppermint essential oil on each band, and have Xia smell them when she starts feeling queasy. Sometimes I also add a couple of drops of Lavender eo also, which smells really nice. She loves smelling her wristbands in the car, and it really helps a lot.

Not all essential oils are created equally. You’ve gotta be careful ’cause there isn’t any regulation in the industry and there are companies out there who will claim to be 100% pure when in fact they aren’t.

Cheap lavender essential oil is often diluted with lavandin, which isn’t true lavender and does not contain the same qualities as pure, true lavender essential oil.

As a matter of fact, lavandin can actually do harm in some circumstances, so please do your research before ordering essential oils.

3 Natural Remedies For Motion Sickness

3. Crystallized Ginger. I also always keep this stuff in the car. It’s amazing. I don’t particularly like the taste… it’s pretty hot. But my kids love it. Whenever any of the kids complain of a belly ache, we pinch off a little piece of ginger for them to chew up and it always helps.

Bye-bye upset tummies!

The combination of these three things has been the most effective thing we’ve tried for carsickness. I no longer have to worry about Xia throwing up on the way to the store. It’s wonderful to know exactly what to do to ease my child’s discomfort.

Do you have a favorite natural remedy for motion sickness?

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  1. I have some those accupressure bands. THEY WORK! I couldn’t believe it when a friend told my wife about them but it sure did the trick for me. I was on a cruise ship. I highly recommend them.


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