The Best Morning Sickness Cures for Natural Relief

After thriving through four pregnancies and surviving a combined 12 MONTHS of morning sickness (!!!), I’m happy to share with you the top four natural morning sickness cures I relied upon to get me through the throws of full blown toilet-hugging nausea. They’re cheap, effective, and best of all, totally safe.

The Best Morning Sickness Cures for Natural Relief

#1) Snack Often

The most important thing you can do to reduce the intensity of your morning sickness is to never let your stomach get empty. Snack often! I’m talking before your feet hit the ground first thing in the morning, grab a cracker. Crackers and pretzels were my best friends in those early months. Nibble healthy stuff throughout the day and you won’t feel nearly as sick.

#2) Diffuse Essential Oils

Peppermint and ginger are great aromatic oils to diffuse for nausea. I prefer the smell of peppermint, personally. A misting diffuser is the best kind to get the oils in the air and into your body. Don’t go cheapo on essential oils, especially when you’re pregnant. Quality and purity varies widely between brands. You definitely don’t want to take a chance of putting synthetics into the air for you and baby to breathe.

The Best Morning Sickness Cures for Natural Relief

#3) Drink Herbal Tea

Peppermint and ginger also make wonderful anti-nausea teas. I make tea from fresh peppermint leaves, but dried leaves work just as well. Sipping a hot herbal tea can be very soothing to the digestive system, and relaxing to the body.

 #4) Wear Acupressure Bands

For the first 3-4 months of each pregnancy I was terribly nauseous. And it wasn’t just in the morning, it lasted ALL DAY LONG! Every time I smelled dirty dishes, or even simply opened the fridge, I’d have to make a run for the bathroom. It was horrible. I had to find something to ease the nausea.

My mom, who is really into alternative medicine, recommended to me that I try some acupressure wrist bands. She sent some to me, and I skeptically tried them out. I was really surprised when they actually worked! They worked so well that I refused to take them off. Any time I did remove them for any period of time, I could feel the nausea creeping back to me. The ones she sent me were cloth, which were super comfy. I actually ended up getting a second pair of waterproof psi bands so that I didn’t have to take them off for the shower.

 Do as many of these things combined as possible throughout the day and you’ll feel much better. Keep your belly full, diffuse anti-nausea oils, sip hot herbal tea, and wear your psi bands around the clock.

Try to remind yourself that morning sickness typically goes away after the first trimester. It won’t last forever, I promise! Hang in there for a few more weeks and look forward to renewed energy and appetite in the second trimester of your pregnancy. 

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  1. I tried the Sea Bands, but they just weren’t tight enough on my wrists to do any good. My chiropractor put some things in my wrists though that were the same idea, hitting the same nerves and all, but I guess it would have been more of acupuncture rather than acupressure. The direct contact with those nerves worked wonders! If the bands don’t work for someone, they may want to see if they have a naturopath or someone else who could put those in. (Actually you can put them in yourself if you have a place to get them. My chiropractor gave me extras for when the ones he put in came out.)

  2. Weird. This has a comment of mine from a while back when it was on your other site. 🙂 Your sister is kindly letting me borrow her psi bands–the exact design as in the picture. I love the way they look. Like you, when I took them off I got sick immediately. They seemed to work for me at first, but now don’t seem to keep the sickness away–in fact one of my worst days was when I was wearing them. But hopefully I’ll be out of the “sick phase” really soon!

    My husband did a bit of searching about them, and learned that Rite Aid is the only drug store to carry them (about $14), so Amazon is probably the best way for most folks to get these.

  3. Hi Kendra! Thanks for this great post, as it is important to treat pregnancy syptoms as naturally as possible. I used these psi bands to, but mine looked like sweat bands! Where did you find the cute red pair? For morning sickness relief I also drank a LOT of ginger elixir and pepermint tea. Worked every time! Alexis

    • Hi Alexis,

      If you click on the link in my post, it will lead you to where you can buy these bands on Amazon. That’s where mine came from. I got the light blue with white flowers, they’re so cute! I don’t know if local health food stores, or even herbal shops might have some. The first ones I got were the gray sweatband kind too… not too stylish! I loved these newer ones!

  4. I was so very blessed to not be troubled with morning sickness during my pregnancy, but I have a lot of trouble with motion sickness. I use Preggie Pops ( the bands you describe (mine are navy sweat bands!), and another type of “band”.

    It’s pretty expensive, I think (my mom got it for me) – it looks like a watch that you wear over the same spot on the inside of your wrist as the bands. It actually delivers a small electric shock, though. I’ve found that it doesn’t keep me from getting nauseous entirely, but it helps, and it also helps me feel better sooner after the motion stops.

  5. Kendra,
    A friend of mine used them for her morning (all day really) sickness and they worked very well. My youngest son was always so vunerable to car-sickness that I actually purchased a set of Sea Bands for him and he was never car sick again – as long as I remembered to put them on him. I keep a pair of these in my car emergency/first aid kit and they have came in handy! These things are really so great!

  6. I used something similar (but not as pretty) Sea Bands – and they worked great for combating morning sickness! Great tip!

  7. These are really cute. Mine looked like sweat bands so I didn’t want to wear them out of the house. I like the one’s in the picture better.

  8. I love the style you showed here! Were yours the same brand? Throwing up was a daily ritual for about the first 4 months for me, too. A friend of mine used them recently, so I’m interested in checking them out. I hope I’ll need to use some soon!

  9. I tried using these for my third pregnancy, but I didn’t really feel that they did much to ease my nausea. I’m sure results vary from person to person- I was bummed they didn’t help me! But they aren’t very expensive, so I would say they are definitely worth trying!

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