My Tomato Plants: 6 days old

Okay, so I planted my tomato seeds 6 days ago, and this is what they look like now:


I forgot to check on them before now. They should have been put into the light as soon as they emerged. Now they’re really leggy! I also put too much water in the containers. They need to stay moist, but not sopping wet (like mine are).

As for my experiment, the tray I placed on top of the fridge out of sunlight (shown on left) did much better than the tray I placed in the windowsill (shown on right). I guess it is better that they germinate in a warm, dark place. (I just like to test these things out for myself!)

So now, I’m not sure what to do since my window doesn’t get enough sunlight and I don’t have growing lights. I put them outside in the sunshine today. I hope that doesn’t hurt them; it’s really the only way to get them good light.

I really want them to do well. If anyone has any experience growing tomatoes from seeds, please don’t just sit there and laugh at my feeble attempts… help a girl out! If you see that I’m not doing something that I should be doing, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “My Tomato Plants: 6 days old”

  1. Mine too started really leggy and now look fantastic! They are the strongest plants in my group. I have had really good luck with starting toms. inside… others well not so much. Patience will tell you what you need to know. Oh also, pinch off about 1/3 of the plant when they get a little bigger. Helps them to bush out

    Want to be jealous… Mine are about 6 weeks old and ready for outside (we are in Tennessee) They look as good as the ones at the co-op for 2.99!

    • Deanna,

      Okay, Mrs. Green Thumb 🙂 Share your secrets! My poor little tomatoes aren’t looking well at all. The potting soil I planted them in keeps getting as hard as a rock! I don’t get very good light inside, so I keep them outside during the day, and water them when they get dry. Can you tell what I’m doing wrong? Do you just have yours in a window or a grow light?? Do you fertilize them? What’s your secret?

  2. If they are too leggy, they probably won’t recover. (its very sad, trust me I lost some lettuce plants that popped up overnight and weren’t noticed for a while) I grew my tomato plants from seed and they started out looking a little leggy, but turned out fine after a bit of time. I have them in my kitchen in front of the glass doors. They didn’t get 6 hours of sunlight a day, and they turned out fine. I have been brushing the tops of them with my hands to encourage root growth though. You can also put a fan on them to help make the stem more stocky.


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