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potting-table-001-mediumMy thoughtful husband surprised me a while back by building a potting table for me. His thoughtfulness was inspired by my sweet Mother-in-law, who after reading one of my posts which mentioned how hard it is getting for me to bend down and lift things, mentioned to him that I could really use a table for doing my potting and other outdoor stuff on.

She had no idea that I’d really been wanting one. I just felt bad asking my husband to build one for me, seeing as he already has twenty other projects going on.

Fortunately, we have lots of scrap wood so in his spare time he was able to quickly throw this table together for me.

I’ve loved having it! He used an old double sink that we had laying around as part of the table, for putting soil or whatever in.

It doesn’t look like much right now, but I have creative plans for it! I’d like to build a top, sides, and back around it to store my smaller tools and pots on.

Here is an idea of what I have in mind:

This is a picture from an article in Better Homes and Gardens which I have been hanging onto for inspiration. (Sorry about the glare from my camera’s flash. I couldn’t find a photo of it on the web).

I’m thinking… a little bright colored paint and a colorful outdoor table cloth to use as a curtain, and it wouldn’t take much to transform my table into something cute like this!

I’ll be keeping my eye out for materials at yard sales 🙂

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  1. I saw that same article when it came out. I went right to my shed with all my bright leftover colors and painted the inside of my shed. I love going in there every spring. Each wall is a different color, I feel like I’m in the Carribean. I only painted half way up the wall, because we put up old bead board. It will make you smile whatever little color changes you make!!!

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