Yay! My hubby finally got my new clothesline up! It may not look so great to you, but to me it’s a beautiful sight! (Don’t mind the scrap wood in the background 🙂 ) We just planted some more grass seed underneath it. Right now it’s pretty muddy, and any time I accidentally drop anything it goes straight into the red mud and has to be washed again. I have to be really careful!

Total cost: $4.24 for the line itself. We were fortunate to already have the lumber necessary. I can’t wait to get my cloth diapers out there to hang dry! I’m really going to try to line dry everything as much as I can. Even if you don’t have a very long line, there are still ways to fit a lot of clothes on a short line.

A little tip to remember, it’s a good idea to use fabric softener or else your clothes will come off the line feeling stiff. What I do is add 1/2 c. of white vinegar to the rinse cycle and this acts as a softener, without any smell.

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