medicinal herb bed

Here’s what my herb bed is looking like right now.

*Sigh.* Pitiful, isn’t it?

At least there is some green growing. My problem, though, is that I can’t tell what might be herbs and what is just weeds. I know some of it… okay, most of it, is just grass coming up. This past Spring I planted Yarrow, Echinacea, Lavender, Comfry, Marshmallow and Chamomile. But so far, I don’t see anything that resembles any of these herbs.

But there is this funny thing:

medicinal herb bed

Pretty sure that’s a cucumber plant. Not sure how that got in there! The chickens probably had something to do with it. They have had the best time scratching around in my poor little herb bed. No wonder nothing is coming up!

I just can’t bring myself to clean it out and start again though, for hope that maybe, just maybe, something I planted will actually sprout. At least the bed isn’t a total loss. Maybe the random little cucumber plant will give me something yet!

Perhaps container gardening is the way to go?