My Little Rooster Wrangler

We were able to get outside for a little while today, and at one point I found Jada walking around like this…

carrying the rooster! (Well, I guess we’ve decided he’s a rooster…). She told me his name is Dirty Wilson, ’cause he likes to eat dirt and she likes the name Wilson. How funny.

I couldn’t believe she had actually caught him, and was carrying him around like it was nothing. She told me that she’s done it a few other times as well. I love that she feels comfortable holding a chicken. Maybe now she’ll teach me how to catch one!

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  1. That’s great that your daughter has a way with animals. My girls and I are scared to death of our rooster. In the past, we have had roosters and they chase us, they have flogged my husband and myself.
    While this rooster has not done anything like that (because no one is going to let him have the chance), he has tried to take on our St Bernard dog. Yeah, our 160 lb dog is afraid of that mean little guy!

  2. Really cute! We have one named chicken nugget. Just a small caution… Just because he lets her catch him now doesn’t mean he will always be docile with her. We had one we raised from a chick and it has pecked my 2 and 5 year old. (brought blood) They could always catch him and now it is just doing its rooster duties and protecting the girls. Just watch for signs of aggression and you should be fine.

  3. she’s got an advantage… much closer to the ground.

    reminds me of how our cats let my kiddo get away with about anything most of the time… she flips them upside down with paws in the air to carry them like a human baby and they let her, but nobody else who tries it!

    but, will this create issues with future chicken dinners?

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