My Garden’s First Fruits

garden first fruits

I finally was able to harvest some stuff from my little garden (besides the handful of strawberries I got in June). This is what I got; two cucumbers and three potatoes.

I think maybe I harvested the potatoes too soon. I wasn’t sure if they were ready yet. I read that when the plants die back you can dig up the potatoes. But then I read that they aren’t ready to be harvested until Fall. I thought I’d just dig up some plants that were already all shriveled up and almost all the way gone.

I dug up three potato plants… and got one potato each! I’m sure I dug deep enough. I think the problem is that I probably didn’t mound them enough. They probably didn’t have enough loose soil to grow in, so they didn’t do well.

The kids and I ate the three potatoes at lunch yesterday. They were yummy! Maybe the other plants will do better. I’ll wait until Fall to dig them up, I guess.

We haven’t tried the cucumbers yet. I hope they are sweet and not bitter! I’ll let you know how they came out after we’ve munched them for lunch today 🙂

*We did eat a cucumber at lunch, and it was really good. I don’t know why some are bitter sometimes, but I’m glad mine was sweet!

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  1. Kendra,

    Your veggies look awesome!!!! Great job – I’m very impressed with the potatoes; I’ve always wanted to try growing them, but didn’t think I could pull it off – You’re my inspiration!! Love you much, Mom xo!

  2. I tried to harvest some potatoes a few weeks ago and they were small, but delicious! I heard after a few weeks of the plants being dead they would be ready, so maybe I should try again. I’m glad you’re starting to get some things from the garden!

  3. My potatoes have already been harvested. After the plant dies the potato won’t grow anymore. The skin might get tougher. It was not a particularly good year for my crop. I plant 500 feet of them and only harvested about 12 bushels. Most were small…. potato beetles were bad this year. If you have formed skins on your potates (won’t scrub off when you wash them), then that is all they will grow.

    Some years are better than others… one potato is a start 🙂

  4. Hey, your potatoes are growing…awesome. More will come. I have no idea how you have the energy to even be thinking about harvesting, let alone tending, your garden. Aren’t you due soon?

    Anyway, enjoy the fruits of THIS labor…

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