My First Homegrown Strawberries


Yesterday I picked the first ripe strawberries from my garden… all two of them! There were ants eating the biggest one, but they’d only chewed a small hole in its side, so it was salvageable.

I have to admit, I was very excited when I saw these bright red strawberries ready to be picked. I came inside and called the kids to come and each try one of our first garden fruits. Jada was all too happy to sample the goods. Titus didn’t care for any, so I ate his.

They were SO GOOD! Maybe the flavor was exceptional to us because of all of the hard work we put into growing it, but I’m pretty confident anyone would have agreed with us. They were so sweet, and dripping juicy. I should have taken a picture of Jada savoring her single strawberry, red fluids drizzling down her chin.

It looks like all of this rain hasn’t been so good for the berries. I’m hoping that they produce more soon. I’m sure there won’t be enough for any canning this season. We will probably end up visiting a strawberry farm to pick some for preserving.

That strawberry was the very first thing that I’ve ever grown myself and eaten. Very rewarding. I can’t wait to enjoy more of them! I’m thinking next year I will expand my strawberry patch, which should be easy to do with the runners these plants will send off.

Do you have a strawberry patch? Any strawberry growing advice you can share?

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  1. The flavor is amazing compared to what you get at the store! It’s not just you! 🙂

    Strawberries usually don’t produce a whole lot their first year, but at least they do bear some fruit, even if just a handful. You might also want to remove the plastic so they can spread out more runners (not sure how loose yours is), and you’ll have even more.

    I think we are getting 2 more strawberries before ours are done for the year…enough to…eat right then!

  2. Well, I did not pick the flowers off of my first year strawberries. I see a number of berries coming in but it seems that each time one gets red enough to pick, it disappears, leaving some red strawberry juice where the berry onece was. Yes, I do belive the wild bunnies have discovered my strawberry plants – guess I will be fencing them in this weekend. 🙂

  3. Kendra,
    Your strawberry story was really cute! Made me want some!
    I want to start a garden next year and now I know exactly who to go to with questions : )

  4. I have one little berry just about ready. This is the first year the plants are in, and I know I “should” have picked off all of the flowers, but I just couldn’t help myself!!

  5. My strawberries were much more juicy than the store or farm ones. We just went to a farm last week and my son picked with his homeschool group. They said the rain and cold weather has been rough on their strawberries too. They were getting something like 70% less than normal. My strawberry plants already have these long runners, I guess they are ready to make more plants for next year.

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