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I’m so excited! Yesterday I got a package from UPS containing my very first canner. I got a gift card to Amazon for my birthday, so I shopped around until I found the perfect thing. After reading tons of reviews, I decided on buying a steam canner. This one is by Back to Basics.

Some reviewers were concerned about the safety of using a steam canner. After doing some research, I found that the USDA does not recommend using steam canners, but only because of a lack of research. However, several studies have been done and have concluded that steam canning is safe when done properly (which goes for any kind of canning). You can read the whole article HERE.

Many other reviewers who have been using a steam canner for over a decade gave it high marks and said that they have never had a problem with the food spoiling. So, if all of these other people (and their mothers!) have been safely using this canner for so many years, that’s proof enough for me.

The best thing about this canner is that it only requires 6-8 cups of water, compared to 4  gallons in a water bath canner. Because of this, it only takes  5-10 minutes to heat up instead of 30 minutes. Plus, I can safely use it on my flat top stove without worry of the ceramic surface cracking under the weight of so much water.

It will only safely process high acid foods, meaning fruits. I’ll need a Pressure Canner to do meats and veggies. I actually was blessed with enough birthday money to buy a nice pressure canner too, so I’ve been shopping around trying to find the best price. I’m trying to find a site that offers free shipping!

Anyways, I can’t wait to use my new canner. I still don’t have any canning supplies like a jar lifter, a funnel, or anything else that I need to do this properly. So, I guess I’ll wait until I get everything I need to do my first batch of jelly.

Now… if only my fruit trees and berry bushes would give me something to can!