My Carrot Harvest (2009)

first carrot harvest

I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to pick my carrots! I was dying to see how big (or small) they might be. Plus, I had to till up the garden and start adding organic matter (leaves and grass clippings) to it, so I needed these out of the way.

I planted my carrots in two rows, about 12 ft. long each. This is my harvest. About 12 carrots. Small carrots. But, honestly I was surprised that we got any, really. So I wasn’t at all disappointed when I pulled them out of the soil. I had to laugh a little. Plus, the excitement in the kids’ faces when I showed them the carrots was enough to make up for their unimpressiveness.

Jada and Ty both crunched away on them at lunch. I was surprised that Titus ate them. He never eats raw carrots. They were sweet though, the fat ones anyways. The really, really skinny ones weren’t developed enough yet, so they were a little bitter.

Next year I’d like to try planting my carrots in a container. Maybe I’ll get enough to can next time!

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  1. I tried to grow carrots for many years with no sucess. Finally, after two years of adding deep compost, I can now grow carrots. They taste wonderful and are easy to can in the pressure canner.

  2. We did carrots last year (in loose, composted soil) and they were sweet and wonderful… but sooooo tiny!! Apparently you want soil that moves – often they mix sand into it, so it gives. Otherwise, the carrots are stunted. I’d also like to try them in containers next year – with the sand, just to see what happens.

  3. I’m definitely no expert… but I’ve read and been told that carrots are more sweet when they are grown in colder weather. You can grow them pretty much year-round (i.e. even in the hot weather) but they are better in the cold. I grew carrots the first time 2 years ago and they did awesome. Then, last year, ok but nothing great. Have no clue why. One thing I have learned, though, is that you have to thin them out once they pop up. And, also, you need to have very lose and well-tilled soil. If you have very clay-like soil then they may not grow well. I have one row of them planted already (planted about a month ago) and will plant several more rows this weekend. We eat lots of carrots and I’ve been making my own baby food so I want lots of carrots for that this year! I’ve read that you have to be careful making baby food from the carrots in the store b/c of nitrates. But I figure if I make baby food from things I grow at home that I have more control over what I’m feeding the baby.

  4. you had more luck than I did, I only tried to grow them once, (my ground is red clay, toooo hard!) the few I got were small and not sweet.


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