I’m SO happy! I finally got a pressure canner. I was blessed with enough birthday money to be able to splurge and buy a really nice canner that I’ve had my eye on for over a year! I read tons of reviews on pressure canners, and this one was definitely the top pick.

It’s an All-American 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner. It’s really big!! Heavy too. I got it from Amazon for $200, the cheapest I found it anywhere! Plus, it qualified for free shipping. I’m a little worried now though. I was telling Ms. Addy about it when I went to visit her a couple of days ago, and she mentioned how heavy hers is once it’s full. She has to get her husband to move it for her. I thought, Uh-oh. Mine is heavy with nothing in it! I hope I am able to move it once it is full of water and full jars!

My problem now is that I have a flat top stove. These are not recommended for use on a flat top, as the weight could crack the ceramic surface. So, I can either see if I can find a plug-in single burner table top type unit, or I can trade my flat top for a coiled stove on craigslist. Any suggestions?

I also, finally!, got the canning supplies I desperately needed! Remember my first canning experience without any canning tools? Burned hand, not fun. So now I also have a Back to Basics Canning Kit
with the tongs and other things I’ll need to properly do my cannning.

Now I’m just DYING to have stuff to can!!!