My Asparagus is Growing!


I spent a lot of time mulching the garden today. My cat has been using my raised beds as a litter box… again… and is uprooting my freshly planted cabbage.

Not cool.

So, in hopes of discouraging her destructive behavior, I heavily mulched around my cabbage plants with wood chips. I’m hoping she won’t like the texture of the large chunks underneath her paws. I also mulched around my broccoli with chicken coop bedding.

But while I was working, I took a moment to examine my asparagus bed. I was so excited when I discovered that there are actually asparagus spears coming out of the soil! They’re growing!!

These were the plants I started from seed last Spring. Since this will be my first year harvesting from them, I’ll need to do so sparingly.

I’m so excited!!! We don’t ever eat asparagus because it’s so expensive to buy, but I’m hoping our kids will enjoy it.

Do you grow asparagus? Have any harvesting tips to share?

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  1. Wow yours are so huge after just one year! Mine were looking totally different, but it must be due to the climate. There’s a pic of mine in my blog. Here we’re advised to wait at least three years from seed planting before taking any to taste.

  2. We have an asparagus patch out back and I guess I figured it was too early and cold for them to poke their pointy heads. So thanks for the post I am going to head out there tomorrow and check on them!

  3. I bought 3 year old Martha Washington plants. I put them out about 3 weeks ago and already have asparagus!! I am so excited too.

  4. We, too, never eat asparagus because it is so expensive, but I do love it! I have some 2 year old asparagus crowns that I am going to plant this year. I have a 4X7 bed for it and I already can’t wait until next Spring when we get to eat it!

  5. You should definitely NOT harvest until the 4th year you started from seed. Let the plants establish a good root system and crown first!!!

    • Milton,

      Thank you for your advice 🙂 One of my books said that I could harvest very lightly. I think I’ll play it by ear and see how many spear my plants produce. If they are loaded, I’ll thin them a little. If it’s only a couple of spears, I’ll leave them. Thanks!

  6. We have “wild” asparagus that grows along our fenceline around our house and close to the ditches around here. The only problem is getting it before someone else does! There are quite a few asparagus pickers around here 🙂 But, my dad seems to have more luck finding it around his place so he usually brings us some.

  7. We’ve been growing asparagus for a few years now, even have some purple asparagus. The entire family really likes it. We mulch it pretty well. It’s so exciting when it pops through the mulch! I’ve been enjoying your posts. 🙂

  8. Another question did you plant the seeds directly in the ground or did you plant them in the little pots first then transplant them???


    • Dana,

      I’ll have to try to write a post about how to start them from seed, but I basically just used the same method I use for starting all of my other plants from seed indoors. I put them in a little yogurt cup (with three nail holes poked in the bottom for drainage), using seed starting mix. I let the seeds germinate on top of the fridge until they started poking up through the soil. Keep them moist until they come up. Then I put them under grow lights (a halogen shop light with regular bulbs) until they grew about 3 inches tall. They were very ferny. I hardened them off, then transplanted them to a raised bed with lots of rich soil, and mulched with woodchips. Hope that helps!!

  9. So glad to hear they are doing well. I bought some asparagus seeds myself this year and thought what the heck it can’t hurt to try right??? So this is very encouraging!!!

    Thanks for the update!!!

  10. I have a 4’X4′ bed that is dedicated to asparagus. This time of year, I check it every day, sometimes twice, in order to catch and cut the tender spears before they are 7-8″ tall. What we don’t eat, I cut, blanch and freeze to eat later when the season is done. Yeah for asparagus!

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