Monday’s Homestead Barn Hop #14

Hey guys!! I’m so glad you could join me, Jill, Amy, and Megan for another fun-filled Homestead Barn Hop! It has been so inspiring visiting everyone’s homesteads and seeing what you’ve all been up to! Keep the great ideas coming!

This week has been busy, busy! Regardless of the lack of sleep I’m getting with this precious newborn, I’ve still been able to get up and get a few things done.

I made soap for the first time this week! I used the Botanie All Natural Soap Making Kit from Peddler’s Wagon. I’ll be writing a review on it soon. But let me just say, if you are gonna get into soap making, please, for heaven’s sakes, get a stick blender! Those soap makers out there know what I’m talking about!

The garden is doing well. I think this will be our best harvest year yet! I was so excited the other day when I discovered a nice sized head of broccoli growing. Yay!! And we’ve eaten a few strawberries from the bed as well. The kids and I planted potatoes a couple of days ago. I also got some pumpkin and sunflowers in, along with more onions. I’ve mostly been working on weeding and mulching. I’ve got so many planting beds around the home, it’s taking a lot of work to keep everything maintained. But I love it, nonetheless.

I noticed the goat’s droppings were beginning to clump together, a sign of worms, so I ordered Molly’s Herbal Wormer Kit and have been giving that to the girls. So far it seems to be working great, and everything looks good again. We have separated the little buckling from the does. He’s 3 months old now, and although he still looks like a baby, he is ready to breed. And I definitely don’t want him breeding the little doeling. If she were to get pregnant at such a tiny size, it would most likely kill her.

Oh, and my husband has begun working on our greenhouse. We saved all of the windows from this home when we replaced them, and we’ve gathered others from a friend’s remodel, so we have tons to work with. With lots of scrap wood laying around, we are doing our best to build a very low cost structure using what we have. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Other than that it’s just been same old same old around here. Lots to do. Not enough time to get it all done! But that’s good, it keeps us going!

How has this week been around your homestead?

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Homestead Barn Hop #14”

  1. I can imagine how busy you are with a new little one! Hope he’s doing well. The only draw back on making soap is that it makes so much that I only need to do it a couple of times a year; I love seeing how it turns out each time. I’m thinking I’m going to make some for Christmas gifts for friends this year.

  2. Bless you, my goodness you’ve been rather busy and you just had a baby! Glad your garden is doing well this year too! Ours is so-so, some is growing quite nicely and some is, well not lol. We’ll be up to our ears in beans & cucumbers this year at the least!


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