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Welcome to another Monday’s Homestead Barn Hop! Thanks for joining me, Jill, Amy, and Megan as we continue “Cultivating The Homestead Community”! It has been so much fun visiting everyone’s homesteads and seeing what you’ve all been up to!

We were blessed with such beautiful weather this weekend. I took advantage of it by doing some much needed landscaping. I’ve been dying to get some flowers planted around the house, but I haven’t been able to justify spending any money on non-edible plants. Landscaping can be expensive!!

Fortunately for me, I am blessed with generous family members! My grandparents supplied me with all of the mulch I needed to cover the flower bed, and my mother-in-law spent a good part of yesterday helping me dig up plants from around her own home to transplant into my bed. I think everything she gave me had been planted there by her own mother and father many, many years ago, so they have sentimental value as well, which is cool.

It might not look very spectacular right now (the plants are still in shock, after all!), but I’m hoping in a couple of months everything will be perked up and flourishing. They better do good! I was outside planting by spotlight until almost 11pm last night!! I’m SO excited to finally have some plants in though!!

I was blessed with Lilies, Purple Irises, “Yellow Bells” Forsythia, Hyacinths, Jonquils, Ivy, and something my mother-in-law calls a January Honeysuckle. I do plan on interplanting some herbs as well, once I get them established.

And the very, VERY best part of this landscaping project?? Everything was FREEEEE! Yay! If you have some planting you’d like to do, but can’t afford to buy a bunch of flowers and shrubs, consider asking family and friends if they have any plants that need to be thinned out, or anything they don’t want. You just might be blessed as well!

So, what have you been up to lately?? Link up below and invite us over for a look!

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  1. We’ve been in our house for 15 years and every year I add to my beds someone is always thinning perenials. I no longer buy annuals its such a savings.

  2. Fun! I once got an huge amount of iris off Craigslist. Someone was redoing their yard and we could take all we were willing to dig. We spent hours and enjoyed the blooms for years.

  3. We started our landscaping with freebies, too. We got a bunch of forsythia, ferns, lilac, and even a maple tree. Everytime I pull into my driveway and I see the long row of forsythia, it reminds me of my parents’ generous neighbor who donated them to us. It also reminds me of how hard I worked to dig them up and transplant them when I was eight month pregnant!

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