A Great Place To Dry Herbs Indoors

I’ve been harvesting some of my herbs over the past couple of days, hoping to dry them for use over the winter. Mostly basil and catnip. I had to think creatively though, when it came to how and where I would dry all of those beneficial plants. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to drying herbs. I’d much rather hang them up still as leaves on stems than pluck the leaves off one-by-one to place in a dehydrator. Who’s got time for that?! But I had a LOT of bunches, and I definitely didn’t want them hanging all over my house!

Then I remembered the expandable clothes line over the tub in the kids’ bathroom. Perfect! They don’t take showers in there, so it doesn’t get humid. The herbs can hang to dry, and I can pull the shower curtain closed to hide them from house guests. No more strings of herb clusters hanging all around my kitchen for weeks on end!

Where’s your favorite place to hang herbs indoors?

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