Monday’s Homestead Barn Hop #17: A Donation To Locks of Love

Hey guys!! I’m so glad you could join me, Jill, Amy, and Megan for another fun-filled Homestead Barn Hop! It has been so inspiring visiting everyone’s homesteads and seeing what you’ve all been up to! Keep the great ideas coming!

After growing her hair out for the past two years, Jada’s hair was finally long enough to cut off and donate to Locks of Love this week.

It was all her idea, and I was so proud of her when she came to me as a sweet five year old and shared with me her desire to give her hair to a child who had lost their own hair due to cancer treatments.

Jada still wanted her own hair to be long even after it was cut, so it took some time to grow it to the right length. Once it reached her bottom though, we were both ready for the cut! It was so beautiful, but what a pain to brush!!

She is donating 12″ of gorgeous blonde locks to this organization. It would have been so great if she could meet the little girl getting her hair, but since it takes several people’s hair to make one wig, there’s no way for the people with Locks of Love to keep up with everybody.

Jada has already said she’s gonna grow it out again to make another donation in another year or two. What a blessing to my heart to see her being so selfless.

Obviously, I’m very proud of my big girl. And I’m glad she’s pleased with her new haircut!

So, what’s new at your place? Link up below and share what’s going on around your homestead!

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  1. Several of us gals have been questioning this group lately. All of us know people who have had chemo but none of us knows of any recipient of a free human hair wig YET it is very popular for wealthy gals to get extensions or filler hair. The photos on the locks of love website have not changed in many many years. It seems that donations are made by well-meaning people but we question the group. Some people even try to make ladies with long hair feel guilty for no cutting off their hair. Just thinking…

    • Momof12,

      You know, that totally crossed my mind. After looking up what people are paying for human hair at auction, I couldn’t help but think to myself that Locks of Love could make a killing selling donations instead of doing what they say they do. I was very tempted to ask my daughter if she might want to sell her hair instead of donate it, but immediately realized that this is more about training my daughter to have a heart of compassion and charity. So as much as I would HATE it if a little girl did not get a wig with my daughter’s hard worked for donation, still it’s about the lesson Jada learned. Glad to know I’m not the only one questioning the honesty of this group though.

  2. Good for you Jada! We just gave our son his first hair cut…not quite enough to donate I don’t think, but it was time…I cried. He seems much happier now! I’m sure that new haircut will feel nice for Jada with the hot weather.

  3. That’s awesome! My daughter did that several years ago, too, and I need to dig out that picture. I know it makes them feel so good to be helping others and the good news is, they’ve still got long enough hair after they do it. Great post.

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