Weekend Happenings

I had a pretty good day yesterday! It was absolutely beautiful outside, and I really feel like I got some stuff accomplished.

The chill of Fall has certainly sprung upon us. It was just last week when I was wishing for the A/C to be on, and now we’re having to bundle up before heading outdoors!

Since it was so nice out, I decided to take advantage of the day and take the kids to collect Black Walnuts from my dad’s walnut tree.

Xia really enjoyed collecting the nuts in her little basket. Baby Elias is in the carseat in the background… he told me to tell you hello.

Ty and Jada were big helpers as well. (Obviously we don’t care what we throw on to wear when picking walnuts.) We filled three 1-gallon buckets, and practically overflowed two grocery bags with walnuts. Some were already hulled from being run over in the gravel driveway where they fell, and some were still in their hull. We’ll work on hulling them, and drying the nuts this week.

Since the kids did such a great job, we took a break to jump on my dad’s big trampoline. Then we walked down to the pond, picked honeysuckles and threw rocks into the water.

Next, we drove to the top of our driveway and checked out the Persimmons tree. I thought the fruits were ripe already, but after biting into one straight off the branch I quickly realized they are NOT ripe yet. Yuck, yuck, yuck! The kids laughed as I climbed the tree and dangled from a branch in an attempt to shake the ripe persimmons loose. Later on, I read that you are supposed to wait for the first hard frost before picking them. I’m afraid the squirrels and birds might clean the tree before then, but I might wait a little longer and try again.

After lunch, I decided to tackle a job I’ve been needing to do all year- pamper my poor neglected apple trees. Before today, the weeds were as tall as the trees, no kidding. So I pulled weeds, laid cardboard down as a weed barrier, fertilized the one tree I worked on with 10-10-10, and covered the ground around it with a thick layer of mulch.

I took my little red wagon into the woods and spent some time finding flat rocks to build a wall around the tree with. It took some hard work, but I think it turned out nicely! I’m really hoping this pampering will help my tree grow. It’s pitiful. There’s one more just like it I plan on working on this week as well. I can’t wait till Spring again when I can plant some pretty flowers and herbs in there!

We also moved the raised beds out of the garden and into the front yard. I thought it would be better to save the entire garden area for just planting corn, green beans, and maybe squash, and do raised beds in the front yard, since it’s fenced in as well.

It didn’t go as nicely as planned though.

The wood on several of the raised beds had rotted and they immediately fell apart upon being lifted. At least we were able to salvage a few. Now I need to work on filling them using the Lasagna method again. I’d love to make a bunch of raised beds with rocks, like I did around the tree… eventually.

So, I think that’s pretty much it for me! What about you? 

7 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings”

  1. I loved reading you tasting the persimmons. I pick persimmons with my dad sometimes and we have found waiting until the first hard frost to be inconvenient. One way around this is to pick your persimmons and freeze them overnight in your freezer. Take them out, thaw them and they will ripen.

  2. Does the lasagna method work well? Thinking about doing that next year in my beds, just learned about it a few months back, been curious!

  3. Sounds like you got a lot done! Looks like you had some very good helpers as well.I love black walnuts. At my Papaw’s farm he had a bunch of hickory trees and each year we used to collect all the nuts, and eat ourselves silly on them. No nut trees on our homestead, but we’ve got tons of fruit trees! (Apples and plums, as well as grapes/raspberries/blackberries/blueberriees) I would love to have some nut trees, but I just haven’t gotten to planting any.

    • Hi StephD!

      After they are hulled, you can leave them out in the sun to dry for a week or so (bring them out of any rain). Then they are cured, and easier to get the nut meat out of 🙂 Then you can eat them as snacks, bake with them, make candied nuts… that’s what we do anyways!


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