Mistaken Milk

milk bottle (Medium)We were on our way to go out to eat the other night. I was rushing around trying to get ready. I thought it would be a good idea to bring a bottle to the restaurant with us so that I wouldn’t have to nurse baby girl while we were there. So, I asked my husband if he could thaw a bag of breast milk in some boiling water for me.

Poor guy. It’s my fault, really. I told him to get the water boiling, put the bag in the sauce pan, then remove it from the heat. He did what I said, but before he knew it the bag began to melt and milk was leaking from a hole in the bottom. He quickly grabbed a mug to put the bag in so that the milk would not be wasted.

We were in such a hurry. All of our bottles are still new (we’re using glass bottles), and one needed to be washed before we used it. We didn’t have time to be washing bottles and bottle parts, so I told him to just forget it. He thoughtfully put the mug of breast milk into the fridge to save.

Breast milk… in a mug. See where this is going?

Yeah. Later that night when we came home, hubby got a scratch in his throat and needed a quick drink of something. He reached into the fridge, grabbed the nice cold cup of milk in front of him, and took a big gulp.

I was on the couch when I heard a horrified “Yuck!”, along with the sound of milk being spewed out into the sink. Immediately I realized what had happened. I busted out laughing; too funny!

Later I asked him how the breast milk tasted. They say it’s sweet. He said it was watery… not the whole milk he was expecting to taste!

I’m sure he’s been curious about what breast milk tastes like. Aren’t all husbands of lactating women? I don’t know. So, I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience? I’d love to hear your funny stories! (Keep it clean, please!)

3 thoughts on “Mistaken Milk”

  1. Too funny. We haven’t had that happen yet and I’ve been nursing (3 kids) for over 4 years straight! I did however heat a bottle, test it on the inside of my wrist & without thinking lick it off. It wasn’t enough to get a taste, but it did gross my husband out! lol

    Funny thing is, we drink milk from cows and goats, why is it so gross to drink human milk? I even think it’s really weird, but logically I can’t figure out why! haha

  2. That is very amusing 🙂 My husband has been bugging me since before my milk came in with little teasings about sampling it. Our son is now almost 2 months and just a short while ago he did manage to get a taste test of it… he said the same thing, sweet and watery haha… I always thought it would have accidentally ended up in the coffee with some sugar

  3. This totally cracked me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My husband never asked or commented about breast milk when I was breastfeeding. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a little curious. I’ll say that I’ve been curious myself. It definitely smells a WHOLE LOT better than formula. It’s sweet smelling so I would think it’d taste the same.

    Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing!


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