Meet Lucy

Yay! We got our new baby goat today. We got her from the same people who we got Mocha and Sweetie from. She’s also a Nubian/Boer mix. Her name was already Lucy, so we kept the name. She is so cute! I don’t know if you can see it very well in the pictures, but her little ears curl up at the tips in a really cute way.

She’s cracking me up though ’cause she’s SO LOUD! She’s way louder than Mocha. The neighbor’s are probably wondering what in the world is going on way back here in the woods! She sounds like a baby yelling.


I’m hoping her and Mocha get to be good buddies. Mocha has been all about head butting the little one away from the food dish. Maybe they’ll start to play together after a few days. At least she can’t say she’s lonely anymore!

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  1. She is just so cute. We are currently looking for a home on some acreage so that we can raise goats and chickens. Your blog is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  2. Okay, that’s what I thought you would do. lol

    My youngest daughter could only tolerate goats’ milk after I finished nursing her. I wish I had a goat – that stuff is expensive!

  3. She’s adorable!

    One question – what do you do with goats??? I mean, what is their purpose, other than looking cute?

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