Make Your Own Cloth Diaper Sprayer

If you do cloth diapers, you know first hand how “down and dirty” it can get when there’s a sticky poop stuck on that cloth and the only way to get it off before tossing it into the washer is by dunking and swishing that diaper in the potty, which usually ends in wet, poopy hands as well.

I looked into buying a diaper sprayer, a sprayer that attaches to your toilet’s water line, but I could never bring myself to pay money for one. Well, after doing a google search on the product I happened to come across a handy “do it yourself” tutorial on making your own cloth diaper sprayer! Perfect!

I planned on holding off on sharing this with you guys until I had tried it myself, but with all the projects we have going on around here, who knows when hubby will have time for this one. So… here you go:

or, if you (or hubby) aren’t handy, you can always buy a diaper sprayer.

I can’t wait to try this!!

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Cloth Diaper Sprayer”

  1. I wish I’d seen this earlier! We just bought and installed our diaper sprayer. Thanks goodness… it’s a lifesaver. Once DS started solids I almost considered stopping cloth. Now it’s no problem and DH doesn’t even mind cleaning poopy diapers.


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