Look Who’s ONE Today!!

Can you believe baby Elias is a YEAR old today?!

I know. It’s nuts.

Happy Birthday my precious little pooh bear!!

I just don’t know how an entire year can go by so quickly. (If you missed Elias’ homebirth story, you can find that here!)

Elias has grown into such a little character! He giggles when I take his shoes off, ’cause it tickles his feet. He loves to open and close cabinet doors, rolls the dishwasher tray in and out, and concentrates on how the wheels on the toy car go around. I tend to believe he’s very mechanically inclined (aren’t most boys?!).

He also loves to hear the funny noises he can make. He particularly enjoys putting an empty yogurt container over his face to yell into. But his favorite is a recorder, you know, the flute-like kind. He’ll sit forever and blow into that thing to hear the whistles it makes. And he’ll stop to giggle at himself for a second before he goes back to his business of making music. It’s precious. And yes, I’ve caught it all on video.

He isn’t quite walking yet, nor is he even thinking about taking any steps, but he gets into plenty enough mischief by pulling up to everything so I’m in no hurry to be chasing him through the house.

I think he empties my cabinet three times a day, pulling out all of our plastic containers and cups and banging them together. They scatter all over the kitchen floor, and he entertains himself for quite some time before crawling off to find some other exploring to do.

And he knows when he’s doing something he shouldn’t, too. He’ll look back to see if I’m watching him, and a half-grin will spread across his sweet mouth when he catches my eyes. Then, as the word “No” is heard coming from my mouth, he’ll turn back around as fast as he can and scoot away as if teasing me to catch him, and smiling all the way.

This boy LOVES to eat. But he’s pretty picky. He loves bread, applesauce, oatmeal and bananas mostly. Veggies not so much yet, though he does enjoy mashed potatoes. It’s nice that he’s progressed to finger foods now, and can pick up bits of food to feed himself whenever possible.

He has four teeth so far, two on top, two on the bottom. With which he likes to bite my shoulder. And he laughs when I shout. Rascal.

He really loves to go outside and watch the chickens with me. And he chuckles every time he hears the roosters crow. Now that we have baby chicks inside, he’s constantly crawling over to their brooder to peer in at them.

So many changes in such little time.

Baby Elias, we all love you more dearly every day. We are so grateful to have you in our family, and praise the Father constantly for the gift that you are. It has been nothing but JOY to have you in my arms every day for the last year, and I look forward to all of the love we have to share as you grow into a little man.

9 thoughts on “Look Who’s ONE Today!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Elias! He’s got a great birthday – It was mine too. All May 9 babies grow up to be brilliant! lol 🙂

  2. A year already?! Wow. Doesn’t seem that long ago that I was reading the updates on facebook when he was born! Ah!

  3. I am amazed at the resemblence in your children, you can definately tell they’re all yours. Have you ever seen a family and some of the children look radically different or is it just me? Anyways, what a sweet guy. I was totally shocked he’s a year old already. Your family is very blessed!

  4. He is so adorable. All of your kids look so much alike. It’s so cute. Happy birthday to Elias! Hope it’s a great day for him!


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