Little Sponges

Jada's swing

(Here’s Jada on a swing she made completely by herself out of a branch and some rope she found somewhere. Genius.)

Jada has been cracking me up lately with the stuff she has been saying. I am humbled by the fact that she is such a mini version of me. As I’ve said before, I must be very careful of what I do and say in my day-to-day life. As must we all. I have to say though, I am proud of the things she has been picking up!

The other day I was playing a money game with her for her “lesson time”. I was pretending to be a store, and she was the customer. As we went along, I offered her toys, and games and such, and she gave me the appropriate change. At one point in the lesson I offered to sell her some strawberries. I couldn’t help but laugh at her remark, “Oh, strawberries! Are they local?” (Of course, I said they were from my garden, which she was very pleased to hear!)

She had a friend come over the other day for a playdate. Her little buddy brought a soda with her. As they sat together at the table having a snack, I watched as Jada leaned over and read the ingredients on the back of the Coke bottle. “Do you know that has high fructose corn syrup in it?” Jada asked her friend. The little girl just looked at her and said, “Huh?” Jada went on to explain how bad it was for her to be drinking that. Again, I had to laugh.

My dad and I were talking about Jada the other day. He admitted that every time she comes to his house to play, she gives him a lecture that all of his toys are Made in China! “There might be lead in that paint!”

And often when I offer her something to eat, her first question to me is, “Is it homemade?” She is just too smart. I can’t help but be proud of her for thinking about these issues at such a young age.

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  1. Kendra, that would be really neat to hear more about your homeschool. My daughter just turned 6 on labor day and says the funniest things. When my husband and I are talking I have to watch every word cuz I think she isn’t listening but later she’ll say something. I told my husband I need to keep a list of things I need to discuss with him in private. On a side note, has your hubby found a job yet? Even though I don’t know you I have been praying for you, but I’m sure you have your complete trust in Him. Money has been tight with us and there is an item that I have needed. Today at Walmart, I said “nope”. Wouldn’t you know I come home and get the mail and there are three samples of the very thing in our mailbox. God is so good! He knows our every need.

  2. What a wonderful story. These are the formative years, with important information that she will hopefully embrace for a very long time! I am impressed that for such a young child she has “sponged” all that in, but then again, not really a surprise at all….. 🙂 You’re doing a great job ~ and giving your children a lot of experiences that so many others don’t have ~ you get an A+ in my book!

  3. We have had to do a great deal of “re-training” with our kids regarding what items are personal choices and what items are biblical convictions. We don’t foist our personal opinions & choices (local, organic, and unprocessed foods, etc.) on others for fear we’ll lose the opportunity to share Christ effectively.

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