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Hey guys! Don’t forget to tune into the New Life On A Homestead Show live tonight on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network. As always, the show starts at 9pm EST.

Tonight I’ll be talking about Extreme Frugality: Saving money is ways you may have never thought of.

I put a podcast player on my sidebar, so all you have to do to tune in is press the play button at 9pm EST, or call into the number shown there to listen over your phone.

Hope to have you along!

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A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. Wife and homeschooling mother of four. Enjoying life, and everything that has to do with self sufficient living.


  1. Jut finished the broadcast–really enjoyed it! It’s neat how like-minded we are on so many of the things you talked about. You chose a good theme song, too–one of my favorites! Great job!!

  2. Listening to your second broadcast right now–great so far! We’re also enjoying learning how to make more and more of our own foods and mixes, too. Besides saving money, it’s just so rewarding to know that you can do it yourself!

    • Shannon,

      You can still listen to my most recent podcast on the player on my sidebar. Just click on the New Life On A Homestead Show in the menu and click on the play button. To listen to past shows (as of now I’ve only done two) you can go HERE to the archives, you’ll find my first two shows and you’ll be able to click on them to listen.

  3. Kendra,
    I just wanted to let you know that I really like listening to your podcast while cleaning my house. It keeps me motivated. You mentioned some things about saving money I hadn’t thought of before. I know there are some areas I really need to work on.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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