It’s that time of year again! When produce flows in abundance, and canners all over scramble to get everything put up before it goes bad. So far I’ve been busy canning green beans and cucumbers from our garden. Berries are coming into season, so that will be next. I was telling Jada this morning how thankful I am that the Lord created things to come in at different times of the year. If everything matured at once, we’d never get it all up!

If you remember, this is only my second year canning. But let me tell you, last year, I canned EVERYTHING I could get my hands on! And I’m excited to be learning how to put up even more this year.

After doing a poll it looks like a lot of you guys would be interested in seeing a tally on my sidebar where I will list my canning progress for the year. It’ll be a good way to keep myself motivated as well. Kinda wish I’d done it last year. Keeping track of how much you can of each item will help you know how much your family uses in a year so you can be sure to can enough next time around.

My goal this year is to spend less, and grow more of what I can. I’m not really interested in beating some super canning record, I just wanna try to find ways to get my hands on produce without paying so much for it. Growing it myself, gleaning from other gardens, and bartering for goods are ways I plan on doing so.

Do you keep track of your canning totals each year? Will this be your first year canning? I’d love to know how much you plan on putting up this year!

If you are new to canning or want to get started canning, you might be interested in checking out my DVD: At Home Canning For Beginners and Beyond