I decided to let the guineas out today. They’re still relatively small, but I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I wanted to see them free, happy and pecking at the grass!!

When I first opened the door they weren’t sure what to do. It took them like five minutes to hop down to the ground, one by one, and begin exploring the world around them. But once they were out they were happy as can be! There’s a certain joy in watching animals being freed from their captivation, to enjoy the fresh air and dirt beneath their feet!

I still can’t tell which might be males and which might be females. They all look identical. They were so funny to watch though. They all stayed huddled tightly together, and moved as a group around the yard, never straying more than a couple of inches from each other. The chickens weren’t sure what to think about them, and would occasionally peck the poor little guys.

Big bullies.

They were surprisingly easy to catch! Even Xia was able to scoop them up a few times, which absolutely delighted her.

I wasn’t sure if they’d go back into their coop at sundown like the chickens do, or if they’d roost in the trees. When nightfall came, Jerry went to check on them and found all six guineas huddled together between a garden box and the fence. I gently returned them to their coop, and locked them up for safe keeping until morning.

I already love having guinea hens. If nothing else, they’re a crack up to watch!