Kitchen Herb Value Pack Seeds Giveaway!

**This Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!! Congratulations to Sarah (sarahmc…), you’re the lucky winner!**

In keeping with our theme of planting herbs I thought now would be a great time to offer a seed giveaway sponsored by Hometown Seeds! Yay!!

How would you like to win one of Hometown Seeds Kitchen Herb Value Packs, stuffed with 10 popular culinary herbs, including:

  • Dill, Mammoth Long Island
  • Oregano, Italian
  • Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf
  • Sage, Broad Leaved
  • Basil, Sweet Dani
  • Basil, Purple Ruffles
  • Chives
  • Thyme
  • Cilantro, Slow Bolt
  • Rosemary

Now’s your chance to get a start on this year’s herb garden. Entering is easy, so don’t miss out!!

Here’s how to get in on the action:

1.) Simply leave a comment telling me if you plan on having an herb garden this year, or if you already have one established.

*For additional entries, you can do any or all of the following. (You must leave a separate comment for each entry to have each one count.)

2.) Add my Button to your sidebar, then leave a comment here letting me know you did, with a link to your blog. If you already have my button, let me know!

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Open to US and Canada.

I will choose one random winner on Sunday, March 13 at 9pm EST. I’ll post the winner here once a name has been drawn, and notify the winner via email, so make sure to leave a valid email address. The winner will need to respond to my email within one week, or a new winner will be drawn.

Good luck everyone! And thanks again to Hometown Seeds for generously sponsoring the giveaway!

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  1. I have been wanting an herb garden for years. The economy has reminded me of how important gardens are, so I am starting one this year.

  2. I haven’t had a garden before, or even tried herbs, but I would love too. I’ve been following you for a while, and would love to learn.

  3. I plan on adding to my herb garden. I have thymes, lemon, lime, regular and oregano. Will try to add your button to our new blog!

  4. I have grown a few herbs in the backyard garden, froze some of the basil for future use. Love that basil. planted chives and rosemary also.

  5. I’ve always loved growing herbs, and recently I’ve been wanting to start a medicinal herb garden in addition to a new kitchen herb garden. This would be such a help!

  6. I just found your site and fell in love with it. I have added your button to my blog. I tried herbs in pots last year but it was a major flop. I am going to try it again this year but in a different location so hopefully I will have success this year.

  7. I have rosemary and thyme still growing from last year, and hopefully my basil will pop back up. This sounds like a great selection, we’d eat all of those herbs. πŸ™‚

  8. We started an herb garden last year and enjoyed the results as we made plenty of spaghetti sauce with it. We are expanding this year and planning on dehydrating many of them. It is so exciting to use what we grow and feel like we are doing somthing to help ourselves.

  9. I’m definitely planning to have an herb garden this year. It’s frustrating, though, because I had a nice one at our old house, but we just moved!

  10. I’ve never had too much success with herbs, but I’d really like to give it another go this year. Hopefully, with some of your advice, I’ll do well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I’m on my way to Home Depot tonight to pick up some stuff for a square foot garden. Mostly veggies but definately plan to include some herbs! I was so excited when my victory seeds package arrived! This will be my first ever garden and I am sooo excited.

  12. My wife and I are excited to start an herb garden this year along with a traditional vegetable garden. We don’t exactly have the greenest of thumbs , but we get by;) We built our chicken coop and duck shelter that is appropriately dubbed HENway Park and the Waddleon Inn this winter and the gardens will be a fun addition as well.

  13. I am planning on growing my first herb garden this year…I want one for my spices for foods and a cold and flu herb garden….I need to get busy πŸ™‚ I am loving that spring is coming πŸ™‚ and I love your blog!!!

  14. Yes we want an herb garden. So far we only have peppermint planted. We are in need of seeds. πŸ™‚ Fresh herbs are so much tastier! πŸ™‚

  15. I am planning on a large pot planted with several different herbs this year. I just love being able to clip fresh basil to go with spaghetti or cilantro to top off salsa. Rosemary for baked chicken. I could go on and on. Just waiting now for the weather to warm up.

  16. I have just built another raised bed for herbs. I have planted clary sage, white sage, creeping thyme, rosemary, chives and alpine strawberries….there’s still plenty of room left…would love to win these herbs.

  17. I container garden all my herbs. My veggie garden is on the opposite end of my house than my kitchen (because of the trees and the sun) so it’s more handy to have the herbs in pots on my deck. It keeps them contained and handy! Love your blog and please enter me in the giveaway!

  18. I am going to have another herb garden. Last year we grew basil and dehydrated it in my dehydrator. I stored it in a glass jar. It worked out great! We use it a lot in soups. We are getting close to running out, so I am looking forward to growing more herbs. I am getting self sufficient one thing at a time (sometimes faster!! πŸ™‚ I would love to win the seeds.

  19. I will be moving so I will have to start another herb garden. I am leaving my garden for the lucky buyer.
    I would love to win the seeds. I do Subscribe but don’t have a blog yet. Waiting til it gets closer to the move to the ranch.

  20. Have not planned an herb garden but would love to figure out something small! A few packs of seeds would certainly help!

  21. I have herbs in my garden… I usually grow basil, rosemary, thyme, and cilantro! Lots of pesto and salsa! Please include me in the drawing! Thank you so much!

  22. I usually have a herb garden and I love to use fresh herbs in my pizza/pasta sauce that I can up every year. Thanks for the opportunity to win seeds
    Donna B.

  23. I have a small garden started that I LOVE. But I would love to expand it. I want to grow enough to have enough dried spices for the year ahead, if not longer.

    Love your blog!

  24. I am planning on starting an herb garden this year. Thanks for your post on herbs and for the chance to win the pack of herbs!

  25. I currently have rosemary, parsley and thyme that grows year-round (pretty much). In the summer I typically grow basil, chives, and something lemony… I’d love to win this pack of herbs…!

  26. I already subscribe, and love your blog full of good information!!

    I am doing a herb garden this year. So far, I have started my garlic and my ginger. I have a few seeds left over from years ago, that I will plant and see if they sprout, if not, I will be starting fresh. I also have you on facebook as well.

  27. I loved my herb garden on my old homestead and intend on starting a new one on my new homestead. These seeds would certainly help with that!

  28. I am planning on starting an herb garden this year. I have been wanting to for a few years now but life got in the way. This year it is going to happen for sure.

  29. We are planting our first herb garden this year. My kids and I have been reading about herbs trying to decide what we should try to grow.

  30. I started my herb garden last summer. Because we have a short growing season I brought 2 rosemary and 4 basil plants in for the winter. I had hoped to replant them in the garden again in the spring. Last week I noticed some type of insect, maybe aphids, have eggs all over the rosemary and basil. I tried to rinse them off, but I don’t think I got them all, because there are more eggs now. I think I’ll just cut them all off, rinse off the eggs, use the herbs, and throw the soil back in the compost pile.

    Since I have to start all over, I’d love the seeds! Fresh herbs make such a nice addition to home cooking.

  31. Kendra,

    What a great giveaway! We, presently, do not have a garden. I live in FL and the soil is not great for most things. Not to mention, we do not have too much property and, oh the bugs! But, I have been reading on container gardening and actually was going to start a plan to plant a few things w/ my two boys. And an herbal garden is a great place to start with them!

    Have a blessed day,

  32. I already subscribe.

    Yes, we will have an herb garden this year. My son laid out a very nice herb garden for me last year, so this year it should look a bit better. πŸ™‚

  33. We live in the suburbs of Detroit, so… not much chance for an actual _garden_. But I plan to have at least some herbs on my windowsill, and hopefully strawberries outside.

  34. Love, love, love herbs! I tried something new in the autumn. I took a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme and washed them. Then I coiled them inside each of those silicone cupcake/muffin rubbery pans and filled each section with water. Then put this in the freezer to flash freeze. Then I popped out the round ice cubes with frozen herbs inside.
    Dropped these into a freezer bag. When I want some fresh herbs, I pull out a herb ice cube and drop it in a bowl of warm water. In 5 minutes the ice has melted away and I pick up my beautifully preserved (fresh) herbs and cook with them. So easy and it beats paying big money for not as fresh herbs in the produce section of the grocery store.

    Last year I grew rosemary, thyme, parsley, basil, stevia. Thanks for your site Kendra!

  35. We just moved to a new house and I plan to plant herbs where “normal” people would plant flowers. I would love to win this!

  36. I do not yet have an herb garden. I’ve always done them in pots. Last year I began an herb bed right off of the back deck. It was perfect…so I thought. The dogs decided they liked to trample right through the bed and use the area for their bathroom. πŸ™ So, being thrifty minded, we decided that since there was a concrete slab under the current deck, we’d tear up the deck and use the wood to create more raised beds 1 of which is being dedicated exclusively for herbs. Yah! 6’x7′ of nothing but herbs.

  37. I already have a small herb garden – inherited part of it when we bought this house and planted a tub of mint last year. I would love to try some of the herbs in the value pack that I’ve never grown before!

  38. I had an herb garden last year in pots since we live in a trailer. I actually kept most of the plants alive indoors through winter so we’d have fresh herbs to cook with. Though, for almost a month, growing was slow, so we didn’t cut. I’d like to try more herbs this year!! Send me some seeds! πŸ™‚

  39. I do not have an herb garden, though I do have an almost dead basil plant in my bathroom window that I keep watering in hopes that come spring it will pop back. Probably wishful thinking, so hopefully I can start over.

  40. I subscribe to your blog in my RSS feeder and via Facebook. I will continue to try to post this to my FB page, but it has not wanted to load up and go. … Suspect FB, as I’m having problems posting all kinds of things.

  41. I am looking to start my first ever herb and vegetable garden. I’m on a budget so learning to grow some of my own produce and herbs would be a huge help – plus give me the opportunity to give and donate more to the community. I’ve already started with some tomatoes and strawberries, and I have the perfect kitchen window for herbs – I can’t wait to fill it!

  42. What an awesome giveaway! I’m had my very first basic herb garden last year, but it wasn’t terribly successful. I’m really looking forward to trying again, and the seeds to get me started would be a great help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Yes we are having an herb garden this year!! I can’t wait!
    I’m new to herb gardening but so excited to give it a try .
    I want to try lavender this year too. I love lavender
    I’d love to be chosen for your giveaway!!


  44. Would love to start my own herb garden this year and have fresh herbs! I would love to be able to go and get what I need for dinner out of the garden!

  45. I love love love fresh herbs!! I have a semi-herb garden in flower pots each year around my back door and the door to the garage!!! Its so great to be able to go out and snip what I need when making dinner!!

    I would love to win this!!!


  46. I have onion and garlic chives, three kinds of mint. I had sage but ater a few years , it died. I want to plant sage again. I always plant basil an dill as annuals. I love Hometown Seeds. I learned of them from Blindpigandacorn. I would love to have more herb seeds to plant. Barbara

  47. I have a small garden with basil and parsley in it. I would love to have more herbs though.

    I already subscribe. πŸ™‚

  48. I have a small herb garden inside basically all year round. I do have a Lavendar bed already planted and will do more herbs as soon as it is warm enough outside. Last year I dried a ton of dill, basil and oregno and we have really been enjoying it. Thanks for the contest.

  49. I would love to try the herbs!! Just started our garden for the first time. We put in strawberries, corn, green bean and peas. Looking to add more. Thanks

  50. My indoor herbs were an utter failure. I believe my cat is to blame. However, I plan to plant in the garden as soon as it gets warm enough; I grew basil like gangbusters out there last year; adding cilantro, rosemary, and parsley this year.

  51. One of my goals for 2011 is to start an herb garden. I haven’t done anything about it yet since we’re hoping to find a house to move to here in the next couple of months, but I’d LOVE these seeds to get it started. Nearly all of them are on my herb “wish list.” =)


  52. We have a small one started that I expand upon every year. I moved it to the flower bed outside the door last year instead of being in the garden.

  53. I subscribed to the RSS feed. I just moved from AZ to Maine, and will plant my first garden at this property when the snow melts! I want to enter to win the herbs, please!

  54. I have a very limited herb garden (rosemary, chives & basil) because we live in town and have little space for planting. It makes plant selection for our gardens VERY challenging! And indoor herb option would be wonderful!

  55. HI.:) I plan to have one this summer. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait until the snow is gone and we can get our garden going.:)
    Sharon πŸ™‚

  56. I have an herb bed the last few years, but am planning on expanding it this year. Last year my wonderful husband was trying to help me and mowed it very short during the very dry conditions. I’m not sure if everthing will bounce back. Would love to win this giveaway to add some new varieties!

  57. I have been thinking about planting an herb garden this year. I usually plant basil and chives, but would love to expand. I love your picture with herbs growing in containers!

  58. I started with a few potted herbs last year although we have always had rosemary and basil growing. This past year we added Thai Basil and mint – now this year we have totally expanded – garlic, 2 types of parsley, chives, dill, scallions, chamomile, comfrey, thyme, and sweet ann. It is still early even here in Florida so I am hoping to expand even more with pots all around the patio as well as garden plots!

  59. I’m definitely planning on having an herb garden this year. I’ve had one in the past that was damaged when a family member sprayed for insects, and damaged them in the process. πŸ™

  60. We are planning a garden this year … but between Dh heart attack and everyone catching the creeping crud … and general scatter brained lack of sleep … here it is deep spring and we haven’t even started.

    Might be just the trick to get us all back on course.

    (BTW, Dh is recovering at home and continues to gain strength daily).

  61. I still don’t know how to add a button to my blog…is having your blog listed on the side of my blog as one of my favorite blogs with a link to yours considered a button? If it is then I have that there…

  62. I already have an herb garden but I do plan to expand it this year…with more of our meals being cooked from scratch I find we are using more of our herbs too…And buying organic herbs is so expensive so hopefully I can grow enough to last the whole year. That is my goal at least.

  63. I do not have an herb garden at all this year or last. Other than some mint that came back. Have been short of funds this year but am saving up for a veggie garden and hope to be able to plant some herbs as well. Trying to learn to become more self suffient by balancing work, with gardening and animal care while staying in a budget.

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