Kids Herbal Honey Blend For Fighting Colds

It’s that time of year again.

The season is changing, the air is getting cooler and wetter. And everyone has the sniffles.

I wish I knew what it is about Fall that brings about the cold and flu. There’s something fascinating about how seasons affect our body’s balance.

As I whip up three batches of herbal honey for my three sick kiddos this morning, I thought I’d share the recipe with any of you who might be battling the same cold/flu symptoms.

This herbal blend is good to take any time you’re dealing with a stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, body aches, and general flu-like symptoms.

These herbs won’t mask your symptoms. They will not make you feel better right away. But they will likely help boost your body’s immune response, lessening the length and severity of the virus.

I mix the herbs in honey so that the kids can swallow them easily. Plus, it tastes good to them and the honey acts as a medicinal as well, and is very soothing on sore throats. Adults and older children can take the same supplements in capsule form if preferred.

*Please note: I am not a doctor and this is not intended as medical advice. I am only sharing what I do to treat my family. The following supplements, however, were recommended to me by our family doctor.

 Cold and Flu Defense Honey Herbal Blend

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*Ages 2 and up

  • 500 mg. Vitamin C tablet (or 250 mg for kids)
  • Echinacea Goldenseal Complex capsule
  • 150 mg. Olive Leaf Extract capsule
  • 16+ Organic Manuka Honey

All of the supplements can be found at big-box stores in the pharmacy section. If you can find an organic alternative online or at a health food store, that would be best. I order Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey 16+ from Amazon.

Vitamin C dosage– My doctor recommended giving kids ages 2-4 years 1/2 tablet Vitamin C 250 mg. three times a day. He recommended for children ages 5-12 years Vit. C 250 mg. three times a day. He recommended that adults take 2000 mg. three times a day for 3 days.

Honey– I prefer to use Raw Organic Manuka honey for its medicinal properties. If you buy Manuka honey, you want to get 16+ or higher, otherwise you don’t get the medicinal properties you want. The next best thing would be raw local honey.

Store-bought honey works well for blending the herbs and helping them go down easier, but it won’t have the medicinal benefits of Manuka or local honey.

Olive Leaf Extract- My doctor recommended giving kids (ages 2-12) one 150 mg. capsule of olive leaf extract per day for four days. Adults should take 500-750 mg. Olive Leaf Extract two capsules twice a day for four days.

Here’s what I do…

herbal honey

First, I gather the vitamin C, one capsule of olive leaf extract, and one Echinacea Goldenseal Complex capsule.


Crush the vitamin C into a fine powder.


Break open the herb capsules,


and sprinkle them over the crushed vitamin C.


Drizzle honey over the powder. I use a tablespoon or so.

herbal honey

Mix it all up and let your kids eat it with a spoon.

We take the herbal honey blend once a day to fight colds and flu.

Along with this protocol, I also restrict the sick child’s diet until they’re well again: no sugar, no dairy, no wheat– as all of these things can feed the mucus and make the symptoms worse. In addition, I give the children a tsp of Elderberry Syrup 3 times a day (or more if they’re really sick). This helps to support their immune systems and enables their bodies to fight off the virus more quickly. If they have a bad cough, I rub garlic oil over their chest and bottoms of their feet at bedtime.

I’m getting away from the honey herbal blend now, but it really is important to support your body in multiple ways while it fights off an infection or virus.

All of the above are things I do every time my children start to show symptoms of a cold coming on, and their discomfort rarely lasts longer than 3 days. Which is pretty reasonable.

Do you have a favorite herbal honey blend?

3 thoughts on “Kids Herbal Honey Blend For Fighting Colds”

  1. Hi Kendra,

    I just found your blog today while trying to research transplanting blackberries. I’m finding everything very interesting, and I already do a lot of this type of thing myself. When I started using Echinacea, I was told you shouldn’t take it for more than 10 days in a row, as it is not meant to be taken as a daily supplement, and to get the kind made from the root, as it is more potent. I recently saw a story in the news about most of the supplements in grocery stores having only a small percentage of whatever herb it was supposed to be. I’m not sure how to find a good brand I could trust, short of growing Purple Cone Flower and making my own Echinacea capsules!

    I’m very curious about how to homestead, even tho I live in an urban area of Michigan…I will do what I can, and I like the tips you give!

    Thank you for sharing with us-Amy

  2. The reason the the change in season most effects us is because of our nose. The dryer air and colder temperature dries out the inside of our nose and nose hairs allowing the germs to pass through easier. Keep the air in your homes moist with a humidifier and get everyone a bottle of nasal saline and it will help reduce illness. Thanks for the recipe.

    • That makes sense, UrbanparadiceIN. Good advice. Thank you! We’ve been especially dry with the wood stove burning 24-7. We have a kettle on it for humidity, but I don’t think it’s putting enough out. I’m gonna get a big pot of water going. 🙂


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