Kidney Stones In Goats

nubian goat

A lady I was talking to recently told me that her goats, especially the males, would occasionally get kidney stones. I asked her how she could tell that they had it, and she replied that they would arch their backs up, and act like they had to use the bathroom, but just couldn’t. Sometimes they would even scream out in pain. She said that feeding them canned pumpkin always did the trick. I thought that was pretty interesting, and definitely worth remembering!

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  1. Can you tell me how much pumpkin to give a goat please? I have a 3 year old rescue goat that was just at the UC Davis vet hospital for a week because of stones. He’s home now but not doing really well and from the X-Rays I know he still has stones in his bladder and his liver is not great. He is about 60 lbs – a miniature Nubian they think. I have organic can pumpkin but would like to be sure I know how much and how many times a day. It’s 8/10/18 almost 5pm Pacific time and I’m going to go out and offer him a little right now. Just want to be sure I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s been a really long week and I just love him so much. Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

    • Hi there, my goat has the same thing. Is yours grazing or eating? I just got some canned pumpkin gave him a little and he loved it. When he pees he has blood in it and screams a couple times while peeing. But he does pass pee.

  2. I have a whether who has a stone now and I am so worried about him. I took him to the vet and he couldn’t get the penis out because the person I bought him from neutered him too early. (that’s where the stones likely form)The only thing they can do is surgery and then it’s just to bide some time in hopes the stones dissolve. I just ran out and tried to get him to eat the pumpkin but he wouldn’t have anything to do with it (my goats are very picky eaters for some reason). Is there anything I can mix with it that will make it more appealing to them? They won’t eat anything accept their grain, hay, bread and crackers, and of coarse the weeds. I only give an occasional cracker because I know they shouldn’t have much… Thanks for any help, I love my babies!

  3. Hi, here in Finland they say that too much barley can cause kidney stones.
    And they care it with vitamin C.
    Just mix C-vitamin with water. So many days that the symptoms go away.
    That pumpkin is interesting.
    Do you know is it only canned or could fresh help? (we don´t have canned pumpkin 🙁 )
    I´m just pondering, can pumpikin prevent stones?
    So, if I gave sometimes pumpkin to my ram (they get also easy kidney stones)he wouldn´t get any stones…

  4. I dont know if this is relavent or not, I dont have livestock, but Ive got a cat who has had kidney stones, and urinary infections a couple of times, and canned pupkin is good and so is canned chicken broth. I read where chicken broth is like a natural antibiotic and the broth also flushes their kidneys out. canned pupkin is good for sick cats who need a vitamin boost.


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