Keep Your Washing Machine Going Longer With Proper Maintenance

washer (Medium)Before I became a home owner, I didn’t realize that so many things need to be done around the house to keep everything working properly! One of those things is appliance maintenance. If you want your appliances to work properly, and for a longer time, you need to take good care of them, and give them a “tune up” at least once a year.

One important appliance to maintain is your washing machine. After hundreds of loads of laundry, eventually your washer will develop build up of gunk and minerals. It may even start to smell yucky on the inside.

To keep it clean, smelling fresh, and lasting longer, here’s a good tip:

Fill the washer full with HOT water. Add one gallon of vinegar and 1/2 cup baking soda. Let it go through the wash cycle. Before it drains, turn the dial to the spin setting and allow it to drain as it spins. This will be sure the get all of the build-up off of the walls of the washer tub. It will also help to clean out the hoses.

NOTE: I have seen different variations of this method. Some don’t use any baking soda. Some use as little as 2-3 cups of vinegar. I’d suggest doing whatever works for you!

Do you already do this, or something like it? If you have a different way of maintaining your washer I’d love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Keep Your Washing Machine Going Longer With Proper Maintenance”

  1. My mother always used Tang powdered drink mix to keep the washing machine clean and mineral deposit free. She’d run an empty load with tang powder in it and then one wash with plain hot water every month. It kept the washer clean and running well for many years.

  2. Leave the door open with your front load machine. That should fix the odor problem.

    A washer repairman once told be to avoid powdered laundry products, especially laundry soap. He said a majority of repairs he did were caused by powdered soap and detergents. He was repairing a front-load commercial washer we had bought from a diaper service. He pulled out two SOFTBALL sized lumps of product as an example! I have since done just that, buying only liquid detergents, using powdered additives sparingly and never making my own out of bar soap that has questionable dissolving properties with well water. 10 years and counting with no problems.
    A commercial washer is a great deal if you can find one used and don’t mind paying to have it installed correctly. A regular washer will last about 3months in a laundry mat, compared to years with a commercial washer and it is made to be easily repaired. It does three times as many clothes at a time or 2-3 sleeping bags. I got mine used and it is still going strong 20 years and one replaced belt later.

    • Jessica-

      Unfortunately, front loading washing machines have a bad reputation of developing bad odors after some time. I looked around, but I haven’t come across anything that is said to help this problem. Even the odor removing products recommended don’t seem to work well. I’ll keep looking though, and let you know if I find anything!

  3. this is a tip I can really use, Im sure mine needs cleaning out, a couple of times Ive took the agitator out and cleaned unbelivable gooky crud out from under there. thats when I quit using the softner dispenser and instead use a downy ball. I have a frigedaire washer, I wont buy one again, but I made peace with it. I’ll use it as long as possible. It seems to me that it dosent agitate as strong as my other one I used to have. thanks for the tip!


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