Keep Ginger Root Fresh For Months

You see this ginger root? It’s been sitting on my windowsill in a bowl of water for five or six months now. I cut a piece off tonight to use in our dinner, and it was just as fresh as the day it came from the store.

Every now and then a green sprout has shot up from the root, as if it wants to grow. But I’ve been bad about completely neglecting it, and forgetting to add water to the bowl before it dried completely out. When I’d realize it was dry, I’d just pour a little more water in the bowl.

To my surprise, the root has stayed fresh despite my neglect.

I rarely ever use fresh ginger, so it’s nice to know that one root can last for such a long time- even without refrigeration.

Maybe I’ll cut a piece off and plant it in the garden to see how it does.

Do you have a trick for keeping ginger root fresh?

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7 thoughts on “Keep Ginger Root Fresh For Months”

  1. What an awesome concept, thanks for sharing this. I also like the sherry idea submitted by Nancy W. I usually mince and freeze my ginger but I like these ideas so much more!!!

  2. Hello

    We thinly slice and dry ginger. Then grind it. Steep some in hot water with dried
    mint, pineapple mint is a favorite. Add homedried stevia or demarara sugar with dried orange or lemon zest. A very tasty tea. Added to lemonade- another good drink! Heavy on the ginger added to lemonade helps with upset stomachs and helps fight off germs during cold and flu season.

  3. I use to shred it and freeze the ginger.

    Last year, I tried something different. I put the tip in water and put it under the grow light. Despite the frigid cold of the house temp, it’s growing! (I am in zone 5-6 and we have run out of gas twice this winter. Our house, with heat, stays about 50-52 degrees.)

    It’s great to know that this would work in a sunny window too! And that I should dig it up and bring it in each cold season.

  4. I’ve never tried storing ginger this way, usually I peel it and place it in a jar and cover it with sherry. It’s keep in the fridge until it’s gone! I’ll have to try your method! – Nancy On The Home Front

  5. I have had great success planting and growing my ginger root in Zone 7b. BUT I left it through the winter and it didn’t grow back. My MIL tells me it is a once a year propagation and must be dug and harvested each year (maybe because of our climate) and then replanted each spring.

  6. I like this idea better than the freezing option I read about recently! Hubby hasn’t let me buy ginger because it usually ends up going bad before I use it all. I will show him this!


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