JarBOX Review & Giveaway!

This Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Tricia (timesa…@gmail). A huge thanks to everyone who entered.


Have you guys seen these things yet? JarBOXES. They’re the coolest new thing in canning.

You wanna know what I love about these containers?


  • They make organizing canned goods super simple.
  • They keep jars safe, and they stack securely.
  • No more mouse poop on top of my canning jars. (Just being real.)
  • They make moving jars much less work.

camping breakfast

Besides being an amazing pantry solution, they’re also perfect for taking your canned goods with you on the go. You might remember last year when I posted a few camping meal ideas, including these breakfast-in-a-jar recipes. These ready-made meals were super handy to have, but I’ll definitely be packing my jars in a JarBOX this time around!

Not only that, they’re also GREAT for organizing all of the open jars in my fridge. We’re so bad about having two or three jars of jelly open at the same time because somebody didn’t realize there was already an open jelly in the back of the fridge. I know you hear me on this. Problem solved!

Do you like to give home canned jellies and other goods for gifts during the holidays? Toting them to your family function in a JarBOX is a neat and safe way to carry them around without fear of jars breaking.

What else is there to love?

  • JarBOXES are made from recycled materials
  • They’re dishwasher safe
  • They stack when in use, and nest when not in use
  • Each box holds a dozen jars. Or use both halves of the JarBOX as totes to safely carry two dozen jars.
  • They’re proudly made in the USA!

Get ‘Em On Sale Now- August 16th and 17th only!

In celebration of the new pint sized JarBOX, both sizes will be on sale for $15 each for two days only! This is a fantastic opportunity, as these JarBOXES are normally $24 each, respectively.

How About A Chance To Win One of Each Size?

Simply leave a comment here letting me know why you love this product so much, and you’ve got your first entry in the pot!

If you REALLY want to win, you can do any or all of these bonus entries for more chances at being chosen! *Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry method you complete.

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I’ll choose one random winner on Friday, Aug. 23rd at 9pm EST. Open to US and Canada.

A big thanks to Jeri with JarBOX for so generously sponsoring this giveaway with products for me to review as well as to give to one lucky reader.

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  1. These jarboxes are great and it’s my goal to get some eventually.

    However, for those on a tight budget yet still concerned about breakage in an earthquake or just jostling, another idea is to cut up old holey socks and put them around your jars. Keeps the light out and gives a buffer for bumps. Would also contain at least some of the broken glass in a really violent earthquake.

    When my big kids wear through the soles of their socks, I cut off the toe ends. I divide the rest of the usable sock in half for smaller canning jars, or leave it big for big canning jars. Then I store them in a divided box so they stack more easily and have even more bump protection.

    Would it survive a 9.0 earthquake? Doubtful. But a 5.5? Yup, probably. And maybe bigger, depending on how I store it.

    A Jarbox is the best solution. But this is a temporary fix until you can afford enough Jarboxes for all your canning. And it uses up the dead socks that most people just throw away. Win win!

  2. I have liked your blog, New Life on a Homestead on Fb my fb name is ‘Jim Christie” but I go by Chris Ann – thanks, Chris Ann

  3. I watched the neat video on Jar Boxes. I like that they are the answer to storage of home canned products! I also like the other non food creative uses for Jar Box, like storing the glass jar Candles.
    thanks, Chris Ann

  4. The mouse poop comment made me laugh … but it’s so true. We don’t have mice in our new house, but protecting from bugs and dust is important too!

  5. I love the easy storage! My husband and I just started canning last year, so I’d love to try these!

    adametzb at yahoo dot com

  6. I shared on Facebook about this giveaway. I was thinking that these jarboxes would also protect our jars from breakage in earthquakes. (I live in California.)

  7. Hello New Life On A Homestead. I have thought about getting these Jarboxes. I hate the dust that accumulates on jars and this seems like such a simpler way to rotate your jars. Thanks for the info.

  8. “Liked” you on Facebook, I don’t know how I missed that before, I get regular emails from you and often “Pin” the tips!

  9. Thanks for the thorough review! These seem to be right up my alley! I like knowing that someone has checked them out, before I rush into purchasing them. They will definitely be added to my fall canning supplies list.

  10. I love these for storage but they look like they’d really be great for my mom and I to use shipping different jars back and forth. She cans a lot of salmon which I do not have access to where I live and I can a lot of fruit that she does not have access to where she lives. 🙂 these would be awesome!

  11. I have open shelves and always worry someone will push the jars too far back and then the back one would take a tumble. These would be an awesome peace of mind!

  12. This invention would be great when taking your canning to enter in the county fair! Please enter me in your contest. Thanks!

  13. Wow! These look like a great idea!! I love how they are stackable and made from recyclable materials and help keep jars from breaking. 🙂

  14. I love the way they stack, but I also love that they are clear enough that I would pretty much be able to tell what is in the jars in that box without having to open it! 🙂

  15. Just an hour ago I was unpacking some of my jars, from our recent move, and wished I could stack them to make better use of my space. Bingo, great idea! I want some of these!

  16. These are awesome! Right now I’ve got jars of jam collecting dust all over the house, if I had these, I wouldn’t have to wash the jar off to see what is in it 😉

  17. I have just started canning this year and don’t know the perfect place to store my jars, so they have been moved around a lot. This would make it so much easier. It was also make gift giving a whole set to friends at church. Such a great idea!

  18. I love JARBOX because they virtually eliminate broken jars. After all the hard work it takes to can them the last thing I want is a broken jar!!

  19. Already liked you on Facebook, DEFINITELY shared you on Facebook and are you kidding? These things look awesome!! (Kinda speak for themselves as to how cool they are and how nice they would be for organizational help) 🙂

  20. Going to order some for me and my “Canning Queen” sister–we need these to put all of the loose jars that we’ve collected over the years.

  21. I never have enough cardboard boxes for my canning jars, and a lot of what I do have are wearing out. These would be so much better.

  22. We run a catering company and often bring along jars of our products to sell. These not only keep them safe but will present a quality approach to our branding. Very cool!! excited to see innovations!!

  23. I’d love to win the JarBoxes. I precariously stack my quarts in my pantry and know that one day I’ll be cleaning up a hugs mess.

  24. I’ve never heard of Jarbox before but it looks like a great solution for organizing the jars in my pantry. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I liked your site,JarBox on FB and I just love getting my e-mails about Life on a Homestead!!! I learn so many useful things!! Love it! Thanks!

    I hope I win a set of JarBox as I would love to try these!

  26. I would love these. I’m trying to get into canning and other such uses of jars. These would not only make toting easier but also storing.

  27. I love these boxes because they keep jars clean. I hate when I go out in my garage to get my jars and they have little critters that have crawled in!

  28. I “Liked”JarBOX on Facebook and told ‘em you sent me!

    I “Liked” New Life on a Homestead on Facebook

    I “Shared” this giveaway on Facebook

    Thank you for this opportunity! What a great prize!

  29. These are really neat. I like JarBOX on FB and follow New Life On A Homestead. I also shared the give-away on FB. Thanks for sharing this innovative product. I wish I had thought it of. :o)

  30. I LOVE innovative new ideas that really have a purpose! I’ll be looking into purchasing these if they are affordable. Would LOVE to win!

  31. These would be great for saving space by safely stacking jars and would keep them from falling over as you try to get one out.

  32. I read that you shouldn’t stack jars on top of each other, this would make it so you can do that!! I need the space to be able to stack jars, this would rock my world.

  33. I just found this website a plan to visit every day from now on. It may take me a while to catch up – its a tough job, but somebody has to do it. I have very limited storage space and am having to set up shelving in any room that has open wall space. The JarBOX would really help to not only keep my canning jars safe, but the shelves will look better.

  34. These seem great. What an awesome idea! I have liked both pages on FB, added a blip on my blog and shared on FB. I really enjoy your bolg Kendra – thanks for all you do! 🙂

  35. Would love to try out the JarBox, awesome idea, I Liked JarBOX on and told ‘em you sent me! and Liked, New Life on a Homestead on Facebook. Looking forward to your post.

  36. These are fantastic! Saves having to label every side of a box to be sure it is still visible when stacked. AND if you have different things in one box…you can see them all!

  37. What a great idea! I’ve ordered a few of these, and will be sharing them with my canning club. They will love them! I’ve liked and shared JarBox on FB, and know my friends will like them, too.
    Thanks for letting us know about them.

  38. Because my basement is partially open dirt I have to pack my jars in rubber totes or cover them with tarps to keep them clean. These would be awesome. I will have to order some today. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  39. I love these! and need to get some! I have PINned! Tweeted, Liked on Facebook! If there is more, I will do it!!! These are awesome!

  40. I love these new Jar Boxes! Wow! If I had these it would be so much better to store my canned goods in my pantry. I could stack them & have so much more room in there! And like you said, no more mouse poop! I would love to win these!

  41. I liked Jar box and New life on the homestead. These are great. I have so many jars sitting on shelves. It would be great to protect them and stack them without worrying about them tipping over. Thank you for getting this together.

  42. These are great!!!! I have a small area for my canning goods and these would make so much more room available since I could stack them. GREAT idea!!!!

  43. These are super cool!! I have such limited space in my cupboards and always seem to have a problem with knocking my stored jars around ~ I’m so afraid I’ll break them one of these days. This would be the perfect solution!! 🙂

  44. I’ve “liked” you on FB for a long time now! 🙂 (I first heard about you when your site got hacked really bad and you were having a hard time getting it cleaned up. Someone had linked to an article of yours and I so badly wanted to read it but I couldn’t because of the hack. I “liked” you so I could see when your page would be back so I could hop over to read. I’ve been a follower ever since!!)

  45. These are such a great idea!! I am always concerned about having a disaster of falling canning jars that have been stacked. Thank you for all the things you post.Love learning new stuff!

  46. Just starting our canning adventures this year. Hoping to have many more. This would come in handy bc we have sooo little storage space in our house. We have to stack above the upper cabinets — well you can imagine what that will start to look like and how precarious that will be.

  47. I liked ur page ages ago
    I liked Jarbox
    I liked new life on a homestead
    I would love for you to choose me as a winner!!
    I love the way they protect my jars but don’t have enough money to buy as many as I need please help me by choosing me … even if they are on sale ( giggles )

  48. I love that they would stack so neatly with this! And also being real, as we live in an almost 90 year old house, the mouse thing.

  49. I bring canned goods to the farmers market every week and can enough for our family for the winter. These containers would be great to transport and safeguard my jars. So excited about the new pint size box, hoping for half pint boxes too!

  50. I have never seen these before! I’m thinking they may give a little more protection in an earthquake. We were just talking about if an earthquake happened how all the canning jars would break! Stack-ability is great plus as well.

  51. I’m already a fan on facebook,and enjoy your posts. I shared the giveaway and I liked the Jarbox page on facebook also. Looking forward to their sale and would love it if I won some, too! These would be great to store some canned goods in our camper, so they can travel without any damage.

  52. Love what you said about the mouse poop. I have the same problem. So disgusting! Love the idea of these as I have to store my jars in the garage.

  53. I would love these I have jars everywhere and they are always falling off the shelves. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner! Ifollow you on Fb already!

  54. I am an organization nut and these things are singing my song. It’s wonderful that they stack so nicely so you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking off a jar!

  55. I liked new life on a homestead on Facebook. Thanks for the gardening post, I’m working on my first (fall/winter) garden now!

  56. I would love to be able to stack my jars and not worry about them falling over. Also, take them in a box when we go camping!
    thanks for the chance.

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