JarBOX Giveaway! Keep Your Canning Jars Safe, Clean, and Organized.

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My friend Jeri from JarBOX is hosting giveaways all month long on four of her favorite blogs, and this week it’s my turn to be able to bless one NLOAH reader with an awesome prize!

Participants will be entered for a chance to win two JarBOXES of choice (available in quart size and pint size).

One winner from each of the four weekly giveaways will also be entered into a Grand Prize drawing of four JarBOXES, so be sure to keep up with the rest of the month’s promos on the JarBOX Facebook page!

I absolutely love storing my jars of home canned goods in JarBOXES because I know they’ll be safe from breakage, I can stack them neatly on top of each other without worry of damaging the seals, and I don’t have to worry about mouse droppings on the lids of my jars (a real problem when you live in the country). It’s also really nice to be able to move a dozen jars at a time with ease!

I truly love them. I know you’ll love them too.

Take a second to enter for a chance to win!
Giveaway ends May 19th, 2017 at midnight EST.

Good luck!

*This Giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Linda (lstirli…@yahoo) for being the lucky winner! Thanks to all who entered. And a big thanks to JarBOX for the awesome giveaway!

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  1. Strawberry jam and applesauce are “musts” for canning each summer. We also like to do peaches and pears. My husband has done some pressure-canning of soups and meats.

  2. I like to can my own convenience items. I can several soups and soup bases that I only need to add things to that do not can well. I save a lot of money canning dry beans, chicken, and beef. My most favorite thing that I can is ground beef. I use 90/10 lean ground beef. I season it with several seasonings and a small amount of tomato sauce. I usually can about 75 pints (I pint equals approx. a pound of ground beef.) I have something quick to make a casserole, a skillet meal sloppy joes, tacos, or add to spaghetti sauce that I have canned without meat. It is a great time saver and tastes delicious.

  3. My absolute favorite thing to can is not canning at all, but vacuum sealing with my FoodSaver. I “put up” grains, beans, and many, many dehydrated vegetables.

    • Michael, how do you use your dehydrated vegetables? I have a dehydrator that I’ve used to do dried tomatoes and tomato skins (throw the dried skins in the blender until a powder, then use in place a bullion in soups and sauces). I’d be interested in hearing ways to use other dehydrated veggies.

  4. I think my favorite things to can are jams and jellies. There are endless combinations. I once even made watermelon jelly. It tasted like a jolly rancher! The kids loved it!

  5. A new love to can is crab apple juice. We add cinnamon and ginger ale sometimes. It’s a refreshing treat in the cold bleak winter.

  6. I can a “forest berry pie” mix that is basically an amazing pie filler. You just open up a quart, pour it into a crust, cover with a crust and there you go. It’s also great for cobblers and crumbles

  7. Salsa – there is nothing like canned salsa in the winter after all of the tomatoes and peppers are done for the season.

  8. My favorite thing to can (so far, I’m rather new to canning) is beef broth. I use it all the time and it’s convenient and so much healthier than store-bought.

  9. I love to can tomato paste and green beans. This year will be an adventure as I need to go nightshade free (no more tomatoes:( )

  10. I like to can ground beef. That way I never have to worry about forgetting to defrost a pound of my grass fed beef. Tacos, spaghetti etc are all ready in minutes!

  11. I’ve just started canning – so far I’ve made strawberry jam – wanting to make cherry pie filling with all our cherries!

  12. Jelly….Grape Jelly, Apple Jelly, etc:) I need a pressure canner to can some veggies, but can’t afford it yet!!

  13. These are great! My favorite thing to can are meats. It make an easy dinner when there isn’t a lot of time.

  14. I can salsa, tomato sauce and jelly the most, but starting to do some soups and stews now that we are empty nesters.

  15. I have to say I love to can tomato sauce, lots and lots of tomato sauce. We usually have about 90 quarts in our pantry.

  16. I’ve wanted to try these storage boxes! I like to can everything, fruits, vegetables, meats. But, we have an apple tree in the yard, so I really enjoy the applesauce and apple pie filling all year long. Yum!

  17. At the moment it is jam because That is what I’m doing now. I’m pretty new at canning-only dine it a couple if years, and I’m loving what I’m learning.

  18. I have only just started canning but so far I have canned green beans and carrorts. Green beans have been my favorite to can so far. I’m looking forward to learning and canning a lot more this year! Thank you the awesome giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  19. I absolutely love canning a variety of foods but I think salmon is my favorite with meats coming in a close second.

  20. So far jam is what I can most but I really want to find a succesful way to can tomatoes without what seems like days of steps! Haha

  21. I make lots of pickles every year – bread & butter, dill and sweet. I love experimenting with different recipes!

  22. I canned figs last year for the first time. I enjoyed it, they taste good, and I feel like I accomplished something!

  23. so far the most requested item in our household is pickled blueberries. but I tell ya what, the marionberry jam and pickled mandarins are following closely.

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