It’s Alive!!

blooming apple tree (Small)

I had almost given up hope on my apple trees. Through the whole winter they were nothing but sticks in the ground. I wasn’t sure they had survived being attacked by the goats on too many occasions, but I prayed (oh, how I prayed!) that my poor little trees would sprout leaves once again.

And, seemingly overnight, beautiful green leaves have begun to emerge. Today, I noticed the most exciting thing of all- flower buds!!! They are blooming! As soon as I discovered the pretty pink flowers I busted out in a happy dance all around the yard. (You would have enjoyed seeing that, I’m sure!) I was SO excited!! Then I ran inside to tell Jada to come and see, too.

I am unbelievably thankful that my trees are alive and well. So, now I’m wondering… don’t blooms turn into fruit?? Does this mean that I’m going to have apples? We just planted the tree last year. It’s tiny still. I know its branches could not hold the weight of apples yet. I’m curious to see what happens.

4 thoughts on “It’s Alive!!”

  1. You will get fruit if the blooms survive a sudden drop in temp, like a frost. You will get fruit if the bees visit and do their job. You will get fruit if you don’t get attacked by virus etc, varmits etc, people etc. True to train them and to thin the fruit til it is over great size to bear you good fruit. Good luck with this, I used to have 20 acre orchard of pick your own apple trees.

  2. I’ve worked with fruit trees a fair amount and usually on young trees like that you remove either the flowers or the young fruit early. You want the tree to put its energy into growing properly. So it gets the best start and you get more fruit in the future. Also it is important to train the new branches properly when they are small like this. Bad branch angles and arrangement can be bad for the trees down the line and effect fruit production, quality, diseases ect..


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