Inherit the Land: Franklin Springs DVD Giveaway!

**This Giveaway is now Closed. Congratulations to Jessica K!!**

You guys are in for a real treat!!

I’m so excited. I just love being a middleman for bestowing blessings on others. And I think you’ll be excited too…

The always generous people at Franklin Springs are offering another one of their newer titles to one of my wonderful readers- Inherit the Land: Adventures on the Agrarian Journey.

Isn’t that awesome?!

I was blessed with the opportunity to watch this film recently, and let me tell you, it’ll inspire you to homestead no matter where you are in life!

The film follows several families as they share their experiences with working their land. From families with thousands of acres to farm, to those who have a small lot with a backyard garden on the outskirts of town, each share their reasons for wanting to get back to living a simpler life, and give an intimate glimpse into their daily responsibilities.

What touched me the most when watching this documentary was the profound effects this homesteading lifestyle had on the children, and the family as a whole. There’s nothing like working as a team, day in and day out, to build relationships and bring family members closer together. So much of that has been lost in today’s fast paced society.

I think you’ll be blessed by watching this film as well.

Inherit the Land – Trailer from Franklin Springs on Vimeo.

Here’s how to enter for your chance to win! (You must leave a separate comment for each entry to have each one count.) Good luck!

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Good luck!! And thanks again to Franklin Springs for another exciting giveaway!

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A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. Wife and homeschooling mother of four. Enjoying life, and everything that has to do with self sufficient living.


  1. I love Franklin Springs’ videos and have been wanting Inherit the Land for sometime. It is the direction my family is trying to move and is appropriate for the whole family to enjoy together.

  2. I liked you on Facebook awhile back and am now subscribed. Not sure what you mean by button… A blog thing I’m guessing… I have so much more to learn.

  3. This sounds awesome! Exactly what my husband and I hope to achieve some day…. Sooner rather than later. For now we are practicing on our lot on the edge of town with our four kids and our two pygmy goats. Always gardening and canning and looking for better ways of doing things. This spring will see goat milk and chickens for eggs and hopefully a better functioning greenhouse. Thanks for the chance to win and expand our ideas and knowledge.

  4. We began our homesteading adventure almost a year ago and feel like we have made a lot of progress! But we have SO much more to learn. It’s the most rewarding thing to see my whole family embracing this new lifestyle and feeling the benefits. I would love to have this movie to refer to for both inspiration on the hard days and tons of information and ways to do things better! Good luck to everyone and thanks for the opportunity!!
    P.S. I’m subscribed πŸ˜‰

  5. #1. I would love to have this video as we have 7 children and I feel it would definitely inspire us. We love living life together and experiencing new things. πŸ™‚

  6. It is my dream to homestead. We love gardening and we have chickens and hope to have other animals in the future. I think this would be an asset in our journey towards homesteading.

  7. The Lord has laid on my heart to move from our subdivision to live closer to the land. Because of my husband’s commute we see him about two hours in the evening. That does not a family make. I had not heard about the video and would be blessed to know more. Thank you from a first time stumbler to your site.

  8. I would like to watch this videa with my family. It seams like every year we are moving a little closer to homesteading, and it’s fun to get ideas from others.

  9. I would like the DVD set because we want to learn how to become a self sustained family and this would be great to learn some more steps on the road.

  10. Oooohhhh I would LOVE this video! This is mine (and my husband’s!) dream!! And I LOVE to watch anything that helps to inspire that dream! Thanks for the chance to win Kendra!

  11. I’m in the “read everthing I can get my hands on” phase of working towards a semi-homestead, so this would be great. By semi-homesteading, I mean that we’re working toward raising as much of our food as possible and buying or bartering for the rest from our neighbors, while I stay at home and my husband works full time. For now, most of my reading is online–books are expensive!–but our only choice for internet connection is via cell tower and is sketchy at best. Books are so much more reliable!


  12. This would be a great encouragement to live a different lifestyle. I think that if my husband saw how that it is possible he would have more confindance in this way of life. Plus I think that there is nothing better for a family then to be able to work hard together. And being the homemaker I would love to see how others continue to do this and what can I learn from these encourageing ladies. That’s why I love reading blogs. Well, you said to leave a comment and I wrote a book! oops, lol!

    Thanks for the chance to win,

  13. My husband and I are missionaries in Ethiopia. We feel the Lord might be calling us back to the States and we are going to attempt homesteading from what He is laying on our hearts and what we have learned from living among the world’s poor here. I actually just added this to my wishlist at frankin springs (found out about them through your last giveaway) so when we get some special money we can start a Franklin Springs library to leave for other missionaries here at the school library. We are in need of some quality DVDS!

  14. This sounds like the kind of film my family would enjoy. We just like anything country–love living in the country, etc. God Bless, ann from KY

  15. I would love to have this video as I am the manager of my town’s Farmers Market. I think it would give me a greater sense of what motivates some of the farmers I work for.

  16. Sounds like a truly inspirational film. I’d love to be more inspired towards homesteading, but would also share it with a friend who’s dream is to truly be homesteaders.

  17. I can’t figure out how to add your button to my sidebars. I’m in Blogger… if it’s not a widget already pre-made I can’t figure it out. Sorry. I’m not too techy. I’ll go back and at least put a button on my blog post. πŸ™‚

  18. Thanks for the great giveaway.. πŸ™‚ I would love to have the video for a few reasons.

    One, we just left our home of seventeen years and scaled down to a travel trailer. In the spring when the weather breaks wee are moving to some rural acreage and beginning the life we dreamed of. Any help, encouragement or anything to feed the need we have to see others doing the things we’re planning is more than welcome!

    Two, our kids have been in the same home for their entire lives. We are life long home schoolers and I am sold on the benefits they will reap regardless of the trials and whatnot, and although my husband can understand that, he is still very concerned that it may be too hard on them. I think it could help him get over that last hurdle.

    Thanks again!!

  19. After many failed attempts I have tried by best to follow the four steps. I did do a post and tried to put in the links but it just couldn’t do it so I did the best I could. My blog is

  20. Ohhhhhhhh, I did not even KNOW this film existed! Thank you for telling us! It looks Wholesome! I can just smell that fresh air! I’m sure I could learn a lot.
    Please register me in your drawing. Thank you so much!

  21. We’ve only been on our homesteading journey for not quite a full year, and believe me when I tell you…it ain’t easy (but at the same time SO rewarding). I love being able to glean knowledge and encouragement fo others, so I would LOVE to win this DVD!

  22. I would love to be able to show this to my husband to try to convince him (again) that homesteading is a great lifestyle to live. Thanks for the chance to win this DVD!

  23. And I just want to say that I would love to watch that movie because we are a family of 7, living on a small farm and we try to be the more “homestead” as possible… Si I’m sure we will be very inspiring bu that movie :o) (I hope my English is not really bad, I’m a French person :o) )

  24. I would love this film as we are planning to leave the rat race next spring, buy a farm, and live the good life! Thank you for the chance to win!

  25. That’s the first I’ve heard of this video–sounds right up our alley! I’d love the chance to get to watch it. Any encouragement helps. I have to admit that even though I know we’re doing the right thing by living out in the country and continually working to keep increasing our self-sufficiency and provide for ouselves, there are days when those thoughts creep into my head telling me it would just be so much easier to move back into a house in a subdivision on a small lot and let go of all this work! It’s definitely a lifestyle–one that we like, yet it can be very tiring at times!

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