I Don’t Think You Realize

I’ve been thinking lately about just how blessed we are. Particularly, just how blessed I am to have you all along with us on our journey for the last 8 years.

And it occurred to me that you likely don’t even realize the impact you’ve had on our lives.

You might not feel like you’ve done anything at all.

I want you to know that if you’re reading this right now, YOU (Yes, I’m pointing at you!) have helped me provide something for my family that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to give them.

Every time you click on one of my articles and read it, every time you share my posts on your social media outlets, every time you purchase something through an affiliate link, every one of those actions translates into something tangible for us.

Our wheat grinder. Our clothes wringer. Our garden seeds and tools. Our emergency food storage. My canning supplies. Our homeschool books. The essential oils I use to doctor my children. All the way down to the shoes on my feet.

You guys have supplied them all. And so much more.

And you probably have no idea.

So I just wanted to say “Thank You”, from the bottom of my heart. For your encouragement and support throughout the years, and for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers even when we’ve never met in person.

I couldn’t continue this journey without you. I mean that.

I just thought you should know.

19 thoughts on “I Don’t Think You Realize”

  1. Thank YOU for writing and keeping us informed.

    I wanted to see if you could update on your solar situation and are you ‘off’ grid? Also the “smart box” the electric co. tried to install? Maybe I am just behind times, lolol.

    Aslo, do you have a winter garden?

    Thanks! Bobbi

    • Bobbi,
      We’re still hanging on to our electric water heater for now until we can find a doable off grid solution. We were able to keep the Smart Meter off of our house, though we do pay a fee every month to have a meter reader come out to our house to read the meter manually. (We’re the only house in the entire county that doesn’t have a Smart Meter now.) I haven’t planted a winter garden… though I keep toying with the idea of planting the cold frames. I’m still working on cleaning up the garden from the summer and fall harvests. 🙂

      • there is a way to ‘us’ your water heater without hydro, you’ll have to jurryrig it to do it (I actually was looking for a video to explain how when I discovered your blog). As far as i understand it, you run copper piping somehow from the heater tank to your woodstove chimney pipe above your stove, coil it around the pipe (single walled pipe btw) and return it to the heater. The concept is it will have a radiating effect on the piping and will use the hot water to push the colder water to the chimney. I dont know for sure where to find it online but it made sense to me somehow!

        very informative keep it up

        • Hi Carl,
          Yes, we’ve explored this option. It seems easy enough when you look at a diagram or watch somebody show it online, but there’s more to it than that. Where our chimney is there isn’t an easy way to plumb a copper coil to our hot water tank. We’ve thought about doing this with the wood cook stove on our back porch, since it’s right next to the laundry room where the hot water tank sits… but building fires outdoors would only be feasible when it’s warm outside and I’d be cooking on it. There’s a lot to consider. Thank you so much for your thoughts, though!

  2. It has always been fun to read your posts. I have learned a lot from you and other commenters! It has also been a joy to watch your family grow at the same time as ours, lol!! Please keep the great info coming and providing me with new ideas and inspiration :)God Bless!

  3. I wanted to thank you and your family for all the lessons on Homesteading I have gleaned from you all. I have been following your blog for a very longtime. I have especially enjoyed the butterberry farm I believe series where you talked about Addie and her family.

  4. I meant a fantastic, not an fantastic. I was going to put awesome, but I’m trying to only use awesome when I’m referring to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  5. Your post has to be one of the sweetest posts I’ve read in awhile from any blogger. It completely blew me away, in a good sort of way.

    My husband and I just purchased some land with a double wide. Our sons are both grown and on their own, so we moved closer to them. Anyway, I will be using your experience concerning gardening, canning, etc.

    Thanks again for such a sweet post and thank you for having an fantastic blog!

    Merry Christmas

  6. I enjoy reading and learning from your blog. Where did you get your clothes ringer, I need one but had no luck finding one . Hope to enjoy another 8 or more years. God bless

  7. Thank You, Little Girl!!! It is always fun and interesting to hear what you and your family are up to. I learned the skills you are learning from my grandparents and parents, as I was growing up over 60 years ago. These skills and abilities never go out of style. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

    • Comments and tips from those like you who are more experienced than we and who can lend advice to us beginners is exactly the reason I started to blog. Thank you for sticking with us and providing valuable insight!

  8. So when ya gonna invite us all over for a picnic? 😉
    It really goes both ways…I learned how to can and preserve from your video and articles. It has been a fun journey with ya’all for us also!


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