Just found these links tonight, and had to share. I’ve never even thought about making my own homemade vanilla extract… what a great idea! I wonder if I could grow vanilla beans in my area? Hmmm.

Here’s a great video by Lynn, showing just how easy it really is to make vanilla:

You might also wanna check out an interesting cost comparison on homemade vanilla extract done by The Thrifty Mama.

Have any other questions? Most likely they’ve been covered by TipNut!

Of course, the next step would be learning to make your own vodka at home! (I am totally not advocating drinking, but vodka would be a handy thing to learn to make seeing as it’s also used in many herbal tinctures.)

Thanks to Stephanie at Keeper of the Home for the idea!

Do you make your own vanilla extract? Any tips you wanna share?