One of the things I am dying to do next is learn to make hard cheese. We eat a LOT of cheese around here. It would be wonderful to have fresh, homemade cheddar to pull out of storage every now and then! The only thing holding me back is the fact that I don’t have a cheese press. Lehman’s sells a really nice one for $269. It is beautiful, but we never have money like that to play with.

But you know me, a lack of funding isn’t gonna stop me from trying! After searching the internet for a while, I found a couple of neat tutorials on how to build your own cheese press for just a few dollars. And any of you can do this! You don’t have to have fresh milk to make cheese, store bought will do fine too.  So, no excuses!

Here are a few ideas I found:

Here’s an instructional video which demonstrates just how simple (and inexpensive) building your own cheese press can be.

And here’s another good one to check out as well.

Though Mother Earth News has my favorite idea so far. What I love the most about this “how to” is that it tells how to make a block of cheese without having to buy a cheese mould.

I do want to warn that it is not recommended to use tin cans as a mould, as they can leach lead into the food from the solder.

After looking at all of these neat ideas I am so ready to build my own cheese press!! Once it’s built I’ll just need to find some rennet, and I’ll be ready to go!

Have you ever made homemade hard cheese? Have you built a cheese press, or have any tips to share??


Lehman’s sells a This one gives you a good idea as to how to construct a cheese press, though I personally wouldn’t use PVC for fear of BPA leaching out into the cheese.