How To Cut Your Little Boy’s Hair

cutting hair

If you are still paying someone else to cut your little man’s hair, you may want to consider learning to do it yourself. It’s really not that hard… and if you do mess up, don’t worry, nobody really notices anyways (trust me on this one)!

I was going to attempt giving my own tutorial on how to cut your baby boy’s hair, but I’m still trying to perfect my, uh, “technique”.

Okay, in all honesty I cut little Titus’ hair the other night, and took pictures of every step of the process with every intention of posting a good “how-to”, but the ending result wasn’t exactly “model”…

How do I always end up with one side shorter around the ear than the other, anyways??

The only thing she doesn’t do is around the boy’s ears, which is the trickiest part for me. Oh well, practice makes perfect!

*I also found this really good tutorial on exactly how to do a boy’s haircut… you should check it out!

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  1. 1st tip…don’t use scissors! Buy a set of Wahl clippers they are worth every penny. I cut both my boy’s hair, and my husband cuts his own with me just touching up the back. I usually do a #4 or #5 on top and a #2 up the sides. Pop in a Dvd if the sound scares them!

  2. I agree- around the ears is definitely the hardest! I’ve been cutting my son’s hair for about 2 years now- and it is still hard! I’ve found the best thing I can do is put him in front of a video of his choice- that way he sits still longer- at least until I try to cut his bangs and get in his way of the TV! 🙂

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