How Long Will Seeds Last?

Ever wonder if that packet of veggie seeds leftover from last year’s garden is still good? Don’t toss them out just yet! Many seeds will last several years if stored properly. For best results, keep your seed packets in a cool, dry place, in a moisture proof container. I keep my packets in an empty baby wipes box. Mason jars work well too.

Here’s a helpful list of how long your seeds will generally last:

Asparagus- 3 yrs.

Bean- 3 yrs.

Beet- 4 yrs.

Broccoli- 3 yrs.

Brussels sprouts- 4 yrs.

Cabbage- 4 yrs

Carrot- 3 yrs

Cauliflower- 4 yrs

Celery- 3 yrs.

Chicory- 4 yrs.

Chinese cabbage- 3 yrs.

Collard- 5 yrs.

Corn- 2 yrs.

Cucumber- 5 yrs.

Dandelion- 2 yrs.

Eggplant- 4 yrs.

Endive- 5 yrs.

Fennel- 4 yrs.

Garden cress- 5 yrs.

Kale- 4 yrs.

Kohlrabi- 3 yrs.

Leek- 2 yr

Lettuce- 6 yrs.

Muskmelon- 5 yrs.

Mustard- 4 yrs.

Okra- 2 yrs.

Onion- 1 yr.

Parsley- 1 yr.

Parsnip- 1 yr.

Pea- 3 yrs.

Pepper- 2 yrs.

Pumpkin- 4 yrs.

Radish- 5 yrs.

Rutabaga- 4 yrs.

Spinach- 3 yrs.

Squash- 4 yrs.

Swiss chard- 4 yrs.

Tomato- 4 yrs.

Turnip- 4 yrs.

Watercress- 5 yrs.

Watermelon- 4 yrs.

3 thoughts on “How Long Will Seeds Last?”

  1. I think Kamut was derived from ancient kamut seeds found in Egyptian tombs… it still sprouted all these years later. I could be wrong about the variety though, so don’t take my word as gospel. Pretty neat what these plants can do. 😀

  2. According to an expert, bean seeds, if stored properly will sprout for years and years. Store in a airtight container in your freezer. Other seeds can last a long time if stored properly.

  3. The germination percentages do go down after the first two years but I have known gardens to have seeds for 15 or more years and still be able to get a lively percentage to germinate. Organic seeds most often have a lower germination rate than the processed seeds. I have been considering a test of my own. I plan to vacuum seal several varieties and hold them for a period of years and then testing the germination.


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