Homestead Blessings DVDs Review

homestead blessings

I’ve just discovered the most awesome collection of How-To videos! I want them SO bad!!! They are made by a homesteading family, and are all about gardening, canning, making soap, using herbs, candle making, homemade bread baking… everything I need to learn!!

Check out these clips from their series:

I’m definitely putting these on my Christmas Wish List!! I really want the “Complete” Collection… which is like $89. It’s six DVD’s though, so that’s reasonable, I guess.

There are also smaller collections that are less expensive.

Man, I wish they had an Affiliate program! I think they ought to send me some free DVD’s for all of my promoting… *wink, wink*

I do think they look really neat though. Just thought I’d share my find with ya!

Oh, these ladies have a blog too!! Check them out. I’m heading over to read all I can right now!

9 thoughts on “Homestead Blessings DVDs Review”

  1. I love the West Ladies! We have Directv and sometimes they come on the Franklin Springs Family hour on the NRB channel. (My husband agreed to let me be a sahm as long as he got to keep his tv! LOL) I have seen their breadmaking, candlemaking, and soap making. They were all very helpful. Sometimes when you read about things in books they make it seem so complicated. Like if you don’t do it just right it won’t work, but the West ladies show you how simple it can be. As soon as I watched the candlemaking show, I melted down a lot of old candles we had and made some decent new ones. They weren’t perfect but they burned, and the house smelled wonderful while I made them.
    If you know anyone with cable or satellite maybe they can record them for you. Good luck, I know you will enjoy them!

  2. I got my local library to purchase three of the DVD’s. I watched the Canning, Herbs and gardening ones. They were great!! I thought I knew most of it but I learned a few things too! Now I want to see the breadmaking, soapmaking and candlemaking!! One thing I thought was so neat is that the West ladies do not have electric. Anyone can do lots of things with lots of $$, but they are doing it with hardly any money and no electric! I’m impressed! and I need to be taking notes! We seem to be short on cash and if last winter’s power outages are any indication, I’m ready for some alternative ideas for life without electric!

  3. Kendra,
    I have this whole collection & although it was expensive with the exchange rate & overseas postage, it was definitely worth it. My sister & I (who both got one) found it cheaper through the franklin springs website!
    Whenever I watch these I always get so inspired. Hope you can get your set soon!
    Renata 🙂

  4. The Vision Forum has them for $84 for the 6 of them and they just mailed out their 2010 catalog so there are some coupons:
    (They can only be used seperately)
    Vaild Nov. 16-21: Save 20% on any size order. Coupon Code: JHLHK2P3K3PG
    Valid Nov. 30-Dec5: Receive Free shipping on any $75+ order. Coupon Code: JJB8LP98K976
    If you don’t already get their catalog, you would love it…lots of great conservative christian books, and such…even toys for kiddos!
    ps…If you don’t get it, there is always youtube for tutorials! =)

  5. Kendra,

    I just wanted to let you know that if you go to, you can get the complete set for $79.95 right now. Franklin Springs Family Media is the Christian company that produces the videos! They also have a lot of other DVD’s about other families and Christian living that I think you would enjoy! I know these videos are also on my Christmas list! 😉


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