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I’ll be sending out an email to the winners! Thank you to everyone who participated!!

Remember when I told you all about these new DVD’s I’d just discovered, The Homestead Blessings Collection, and how I really really wanted them?? Well, lucky me was blessed with the Six DVD Collection for Christmas!

Can I just say… I love the West Ladies! They remind me of my visits with Adelia. I think it’s cute that you can tell these are just “down home” women, not hired actors playing a cheesy part. Their videos are full of great tips on everything homemaking!

The titles include: The Art of Gardening, The Art of Bread Making, The Art of Canning, The Art of Candle Making, The Art of Soap Making, and The Art of Herbs. And Franklin Springs has just released two new DVD’s to go along with the series, The Art of Cooking  and The Art of Dairy Delights, both of which I’ve added to my collection.

So, on with the best part…

I am excited to tell you guys that Franklin Springs is teaming up with me to bring you one Super Giveaway! EIGHT of you will win your choice of any of the eight Homestead Blessings DVD’s. That’s right! There will be EIGHT winners! And your chances of winning are even better because I’m now offering SIX ways to enter!

You got all that? Eight winners. SIX ways to enter! I’d say you got a pretty good shot at winning this one!

So, wanna get in?? You can do any or all of the following methods to receive one entry, with a total of SIX entries! Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry. Good luck!

1.) Simply leave a comment on this post to receive one entry in the drawing!

2.)Add my Button to your sidebar, then leave a comment here letting me know you did! You can get the code from the code box under my button on my sidebar.

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I will choose the winners on Saturday, Feb. 6th at 9pm EST. I will post the winners here once names have been drawn. I will also notify the winners via email, so make sure to leave a valid email address. The winners will need to respond to my email within 48 hours, or a new winner will be drawn.

Winner must have a valid US shipping address. Good luck!!

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  1. I signed up for your newsletter, please enter me. We just started farming 3 years ago on land we cleaned ourselves and have built everything here ourselves.


  2. I am now a fan on facebook, added to your email list and would love to have these DVD’s can’t wait for you to announnce the winner

  3. And subscribed…which I should have done a while ago anyway instead of having it bookmarked and remembering to check for new posts!

  4. Oh, I’ve been eyeing these DVD’s ever since you posted about them the first time. I’ve especially got my eye on the ones about gardening and how to use herbs. Be still my heart. So anyways, I posted a link to this giveaway on my blog, I’m already a subscriber and have the button, and I just became a fan on Facebook. Sorry, I don’t use Twitter. What a cool giveaway!!!

  5. Am now a fan on facebook too:-) We just moved on to acreage here in oregon I cant even decide which one I would want….so many things I will get to do now on my own little piece of heaven ! Thanks again!

  6. I subscribed to your blog!!
    Gotta use all the chances I can get to finally win something! =)
    Thanks again for a great giveaway.


  7. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these fabulous DVD’s. I looked through all the literature about them just the other day. I would be very interested in getting one. Overwhelmed by the response here.

  8. I totally would love these videos. I love making and doing things from scratch. I’ve got to anyway. i live in Alaska and I’ve got food allergies.

  9. I found the twitter button.

    I would have done these things even without the contest, but I’d still like win something. Well, oh boy, with well over 500 entries I still think I made out pretty good.

  10. Oh….what a perfect way to start off 2010!!
    I have been slowly learning the art of bread making, toothbrush ragrug making etc and would LOVE to have this set to further my homemaking skills! Thank you for a great giveaway.
    Fingers crossed!! =)


  11. wow…. I have been hankering after the soapmaking one but financially did not feel we could afford it. I was so excited when I saw this giveaway. I would LOVE to learn to make soap.
    Thanks for the interesting articles on home living- I have been raised to can/garden/etc. but love learning new things.

  12. I’d love the soap making video or the herbal remedies. It would be a tough decision between the two but I’d suffer with that choice if I won. Thanks

  13. Hi Kendra
    I love these DVDs & have the first 6, but would LOVE to add the other two to my collection. What a fun giveaway. Thanks for the entry
    Renata 🙂

  14. I just subscribed! I absolutely love these dvd’s! I asked my library to purchase them, and they bought 3 of them. I would LOVE to have one to share with my girls and me!

  15. WOW! What a generous opportunity, I can’t wait to view the herb and candle making videos. I hope to pick one as a freebie (hint, hint)!

  16. I am so excited to find out about these DVDs! I am now following you on twitter, am a facebook fan and am subscribed to your blog!

  17. I have been reading your blog for quite some time. Love it.
    Oh, would I love to win!!!! I would be happy with any of them. Love to cook and can, and do some quilting. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
    Thank you

  18. Our church purchased some of these for our library and I had a chance to view them. Nice. These would make a great addition to my own library.

  19. I would love these. I am new to the idea of homesteading, but love the whole concept! And I am learning so much from your blog. 🙂

  20. WOW! You are right – that’s a great give-a-way! I can see why you were dying to spill the beans! Well, put my name in. I’d love to win one. I already have the whole set on my wishlist (for when DH goes back to work). I also sent you a comment on facebook (already your “friend”) and just subscribed to your blog (thought I already was, but apparently not.. but I come visit every day anyway!). I’ve seen the previews of all these videos (look on YouTube) and they look awesome. I want to go “play” at their house. LOL.

  21. I can’t figure out how to add your button. Still pretty new to the blog thing. But I did add a sidebar that showed you were in my list of blogs I follow. Does that count??

  22. Love this giveaway! These DVD’s have been on my wish list since you first mentioned them. It would be hard to choose which one!

  23. I’ve heard of these, but don’t know anyone else who has seen them. I will have to look into getting them, unless I win them of course. 🙂

  24. Oh my goodness this is so exciting! I, like you have been dreaming of this video series! I don’t know how one could possibly choose between them but I am going to say the Art of gardening. You got to start somewhere right?

  25. I would love to win one of these videos. They’ve been on my wish list for a while now. And as a mother to 3 girls, they would be well used.

  26. I’m a faithful follower. I love reading your blog! I’m also young and am desiring to live the life you and your family have chosen as well. I’ve learned a lot from your blog. However, I am also a Canadian so am not eligible for this contest, but thought I would say hi anyways! 🙂

  27. I am a fan on Facebook and love getting your updates. Thanks so much for all you do. I have never heard of these until your post. Would love to see them. Thanks.

    Linda P.
    Elkhorn, WI

  28. Wow – another GREAT giveaway. I too have seen these videos and have been wanting them! I already subscribe to you blog. I also am a fan on Facebook.

  29. I would love to win one of these – wanted a set for Christmas and hubby just wouldn’t believe me – thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Unless I overlooked something I am the only male entering. Oh well would still like to win the ( The art of Soap Making DVD). Love your blog, 1 of my favorites.

  31. I love your website!! I have been eying these DVD’s for quite awhile.. I would love to win one!

    I am a fan of your on Facebook and I am a subscriber to your blog.. LOVE IT!!

  32. I just found you and am so excited! My husband and I are trying to build on our land and become more self-sufficient than we already are. I subscribed and am following you on Facebook!

  33. I love the West Ladies and their videos. I have all of them except for their new ones but I would LOVE to get a complete set to use as a giveaway. I was inspired by their videos and our church now has a Titus 2 ministry and we use their videos as part of our “lesson” then we talk about or actually put into practice what they are doing in the video that day. So far we have ladies coming from all over the Springfield/Dayton Ohio area and we are loving the fellowship!

  34. I already subscribe to your blog. I love reading about your new adventures and bank many of your tips and information so I can implement them as the time comes. Thanks for great info!

  35. I have been wanting this set too. I my own gardening and canning but there is always so much you can learn. I would Love, Love to win a set!

  36. I love the West Ladies! Its so hard to find something that is suitable for my 12 year old daughter and this is something that her and I can watch together. It not only helps us have something to do together but will also help her in her adult life.

  37. I just subscribed to your blog, although I’ve been following you since you were “Handprints”. Having trouble with the button thing…I’m more old-fashioned than tech-savvy! ~~Stacey

  38. oohhh, I’d love to be chosen!!! Have a great weekend! I’m praying that you don’t lose power with the storms I’ve heard about in your area!

    Because He lives~~~Stacey

  39. I would love to win these! I am new to homemaking and self-sufficiency, etc. and would be so excited to learn some new things through these DVD’s!

  40. As of mother of five kids, I really need this. I have always had a passion to learn this but grew up in the city and have been tryiing to learn on my own and it is just not working. Praying that I win!

  41. I have never heard of this series! Sounds so exciting! Esp. since I love baking my own bread, canning and such. Always seeking to learn more! Thanks for this giveaway.

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