laundry detergent 001 (Medium)

I finally made homemade laundry detergent. It’s taken me forever to try it out ’cause I couldn’t find washing soda anywhere!! I was beginning to think it was just a legend! I was so excited when I finally found a local grocery store that carries it (Harris Teeter). Walmart didn’t have the Fels Naptha soap, but they had Zote, so I got that instead.

I made the powdered laundry detergent recipe. It was really easy to make. I thought it would take forever for me to grate the soap, but it was so soft it shaved away in no time.

I’ve been washing my clothes with the homemade detergent for over two weeks now. I have to say… it’s not my absolute favorite. It does feel good making your own product though.

I kinda miss the “clean” smell of regular detergent. This kind doesn’t leave any scent at all, which is to be expected I guess. I’m sure if I used a scented dryer sheet that would help.

Dishrags don’t lose that mucky smell after they’ve been washed. And anything you’ve washed them with will smell mucky too. Though Rebekah did leave a comment on my recipes post saying that the liquid recipe was good for getting that smell out.

The kids clothes do not come very clean. Of course, my kids are outside wrangling chickens, chasing goats, and climbing trees. When they get dirty, they GET DIRTY! So, I stopped washing their clothes with the homemade stuff after the first two loads. I really like my ALL BABY detergent, with some Shout Gel on the tough spots. It does the job.

With all that said, this detergent did work well for me and my husband’s everyday clothes. Stuff that didn’t need any major stain removal. I’ve been using this powder for our clothes and the bath towels, and the ALL detergent for other stuff.

It is nice to know that if I’m ever in a pinch and need detergent, I can always make it with these ingredients I have on hand. Especially when money is tight! So, though it can’t be compared to name brand detergent, it will definitely be a keeper in my home.

What do you think? Have you tried a homemade detergent yet? Do you like it? Do you have a better recipe that you could share with us?