Homebirth: Meeting with the Midwife

Well, as some of you may remember, a while back I wrote a post about how disappointed I was that I wouldn’t be able to have a homebirth.

The midwife who I spoke with at my doctor’s office told me that I live too far from the hospital to have a homebirth, and she recommended a neighboring hospital which does allow midwives to practice (about 45 min-1 hour away).

The set up wasn’t ideal, but it seemed to be the best option. I still really felt led to pursue the possibility of a homebirth though. Some of you even encouraged me to consider it some more as well.

I read a ton of info on the safety of having a homebirth, and found that statistically (for women who are healthy and have healthy pregnancies) it is just as safe to have your baby at home as it is at the hospital.

I was telling a friend of mine how much I really wanted to have a homebirth, and she shared with me that she actually had one herself two years ago, and told me all about it.

She lives farther from the hospital then I do, and assured me that a good midwife will know when there is trouble in time to get me to the hospital. She offered to email me her midwife’s info.

Later on, when I got her email, imagine my surprise when it turned out that her midwife was actually my neighbor! I had no idea! (Guess I really need to get out and meet my neighbors, huh?!)

Now, is that a sign from the Lord or what? I instantly felt like a door had been opened. So, I called her that night and set up an appointment to meet her. (She, too, was really excited about us being neighbors.)

She told me that she is actually very full of clients right now, but since I live so close to her she just couldn’t deny me!

A few days later my husband and I met with her to get a feel for how we liked her and how comfortable we felt with the whole process.

When we pulled up to her house (exactly 2 min. from us, up the dirt road) I noticed her lush garden growing in the front yard.

She came to the door barefooted, in a long multi-patterned skirt. She looks like she’s in her late 40’s/early 50’s. Very “earthy”. She greeted me with a warm smile and a big hug.

At first I wasn’t sure if my husband would go for this. Especially since it will cost us out of pocket. If we delivered at a hospital, our insurance would cover it.

But unfortunately our insurance will not cover a personal midwife. And the fee… $2000. Yeah, that’s a lot (Though my sister’s midwife charges $3500, up front!).

We went inside and she took us into a little room off the entry way that was set up like an office.

There were diagrams of pregnancy and posters of fetus’ on the walls, a plastic model of a pregnant belly, a baby scale, and other “doctor’s office” type stuff.

The kids played around on the floor while my husband and I sat down on the daybed there and asked her tons of questions. She gave us a packet of paperwork to read over about homebirths and some other stuff, and happily answered all of our questions. She also gave me tons of great advice about making delivery easier.

She is a licensed, certified midwife. She has delivered over 1000 babies. There was a bulletin board on the wall with photos of tons of newborns. She is a trained doula, and certified in infant resuscitation.

There are actually two other midwives who are in her practice, so one of them would be with her at my delivery. We asked her lots of “what if” questions, and she was able to answer each for instance to our satisfaction.

After our meeting we thanked her for her time and told her we’d talk it over and let her know what we decided.

On the way home, my husband told me that he really liked her, and that he feels like this is something the Lord wants us to do as well. I said, “So, are you cool with spending that kind of money?” He said, “Yeah. It’s worth it.”

She did say that we don’t have to pay it all in full before the birth; we can make payments, as much as we can afford at a time. That was nice to know, though we do have the money set aside.

I called her the next day and told her that we are very excited to have her delivering our baby. She was very excited too. We set up an appointment for my first official “check-up”.

I have to say that I feel so at peace about the whole thing. I feel like, for whatever reason, the Lord laid it on my heart to do this and He so convicted me of doing this that I could not let it go.

So, I embark on another journey, and can’t wait to share all of my ups and downs with you all. And I want to thank those of you who encouraged me to keep trying and looking into this. It was you who kept me from giving up so easily.

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  1. I’m glad your getting a homebirth! Of my parents 22 grandchildren – only 2 were NOT a homebirth or midwife run birthing center. My oldest transfered because of failed labor and my water had broken. Ended up with a C-Section. My second birth was at home and while it was a rocky birth – everything was fine. Joel was born 8 years later at the birth center because we decided to call the midwife when my water broke – no supplies at home. My blood pressure had been high and I was using a regular doctor, but I didn’t want another C-section. My mother was training to become a midwife assistant – she died unexpectedly on mother’s day – and helped to deliver 2 of mine, 4 of my sister’s, and 2 of my best friend’s babies.

  2. How exciting!! That is awesome that your midwife is right down the road from you! I had my second and third babies at home and both times were incredible experiences. For me, it was so much more relaxing than the hospital!! I hope you have a great experience too!

    Also, I just “rediscovered” your new blog (I had your other blog in my Google reader, but forgot to subscribe to this one when you switched over), and I’m looking forward to hearing more of your homesteading adventures! 🙂

  3. Awesome! My last two kiddos were born at home (even in the same room they were conceived!) – both 9lb+. And you’ve got a steal there at just $2K – it’s more in my area, and sometimes double or triple that in more urban areas. Still better than a $10K-$25K hospital bill.

  4. That is really wonderful news! I’m happy for you!

    My first birth was a homebirth attempt (and transferred to a hospital), but you’re right- the midwife was totally in control of it and knew when we needed to transfer. It was almost a 30 minute drive and it was fine. Baby and I both did great and all was well in the end.

    Second birth, we had a perfect though somewhat frantic and fast-paced homebirth. It was an incredible experience and I am so glad we tried again!

    Third time around, we’re planning another homebirth with the same midwife and I can’t wait. 🙂

    Enjoy getting to know your new midwife and preparing for your birth!

  5. How exciting! (Yes, $2,000 is a great price for a midwife! :)) We have no maternity insurance, so for us a homebirth also has the advantage of a lower price than a hospital birth.

    Can’t wait to hear updates about how things go–you’re almost there!

  6. I’m so happy for you! I am also planning a homebirth for my third baby (the first two were hospital babies) so it’s an exciting topic for me. How wonderful that the midwife lives next door!

  7. Wow! That was so meant to be! It’s awesome you found someone so close and that you felt so comfortable with! Congratulations!


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