After much debate, my husband and I decided to get Jada her own personal laptop. I know she’s only six, but she loves playing on the computer, so we knew it would get a lot of use. We looked around until we found the perfect “kid friendly” model. We needed something that wouldn’t break easily if accidentally dropped, or “short out” if a drink were to spill on it. And fortunately for us, this particular one was within our budget.

You wouldn’t believe how excited she was when my husband presented her with the laptop. Her dreams had finally come true! She sat down and set right to work customizing her desktop. She knew just where to go to find all of her favorite games, and was glued to that thing for the rest of the day. She wouldn’t leave home without it!

Of course, once her brother saw what she had he had to have one too! Good thing money wasn’t an issue!

They have had the best time with these things… never mind that they are only cardboard.

toy laptop